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*sigh* Penis surgery

EvilDeath, chill and think. Give it a year and a half or so and assess then after clamping/pumping, etc. Also, if money is an issue, don’t permanently fuck yourself with a shoddy fat injection—make bank in the coming years and if PE doesn’t work out, make sure you can afford the best surgery you can.

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I had fat injection penis enlargement when I was 18 and it was the worst decision of my entire life. You should check out Yahoos surgical enhancement group (sorry don’t have link). This group started off as a place for guys to share the surgical experiences so others could benefit and know what to expect and the best doctors to see. However, it has now become little more than a warning against surgery. Infact the site no longer recommends any doctors who perform girth surgery. We just have to except that there isn’t currently a viable surgical procedure for penis enlargement.

Any doc who starts to chop up a 18 - 19 year old lad’s dick wants castrating.

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EvilDeath wants to have a fatter dick. This is not such a bad thing.

Most people need to learn patience, at 19 this is typically even more true. Immediate gratification tends to run high in the young; but what you are suggesting could end up being anything but gratifying…

I’m glad you posted. I hope you can see the overwhelming majority - especially those that have had said surgery - say don’t do it.

Might be good to listen.

I wonder, though, what you’ve been doing. What is your routine? How long have you been at it? Specifically.

Perhaps all you need is some guidance - it might help with the patience you need to learn.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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So if you guys know anyone good in new york that’s cheap and will have effective results, by all means please help me out. I’m 19 btw.

Just by the way you worded this it sounds like you are saying, “hey, I’m young, talk me out of this.”

Man, you’re already starting with two things most of us would kill for, a long dick and plenty of time to fatten it up. You’ve also got 50,000 guys here to talk to about it. When I was 19 all I had was a small dick. I had to live with that, you don’t. Forget surgery for now. It should be your very last alternative. Right now you should immerse yourself in nothing but girth work.

Pumping Dry Jelq

Girth is easy. Read all the threads, especially 8-balls

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You guys are most likely very right about this. All of you. The thing is when someone’s bent on enhancing their ego by means of such a sensetive issue, it’s clearly very hard to talk them out of it. I won’t lie to you guys, i do like my dick and i have gained a .25 inch increase in girth over the 4 months that i PE’d. But going from 6.5 inches in length to nearly 8 inches and seeing almost 0 to no gains in girth has depressed me beyond belief. Having a penis that’s not even average in girth is just looks silly when it’s so long. Here’s the thing and don’t kick my ass for it: i’m probably doing this as much for my girlfriend as I am for myself. I want her pleasure as well as mine, and the fact of the matter is that if i know I stand a chance at being on the same girth level as her 6 past lovers, my conscience will be clear of jealous thoughts that already constantly inhibit my mind. I want girth, i want a big fat dick, and i’d trade 2 inches of length for that half inch of girth. If fat injections is cheap and it’ll at least temporarily increase my girth, i’m fine with that. By all means I don’t want to damage my member, but if i can have the satisfaction of having a girthier penis for just a little while, that would be utter heaven for me.


Honestly this just sounds funny to me… dude u got an 8” cock… what the hell do you need a surgery for, just learn how to use what you got, hit the pussy under different angles when you have sex, do a clockwise motion, push your dick up the pelvis, or down towards the anus while u r still in the vagina… thee are plenty of ways to compensate for lack of girth…. length however is a whole other story. I am 5.3 length and 5.3 girth <~~ base and like 4.75 midshaft… compared to you i am tiny :( but even i am not considering surgery and i am way older then you. STOP & THINK !!!

Originally Posted by EvilDeath

Well, beyond what I’ve already said it’s hard to give you input if you don’t share your routine - in specific detail - with us.

I think you really need to learn patience. I hear the frustration you have and believe me you are not alone.

Personally, if I were you, I would look into pumping and perhaps clamping. Big G’s clamping advice on a few of his threads are very good. I myself have seen some good gains with pumping, which seems to be regarded as the safer of the two approaches, but I will tell you it’s only slightly more than the .25” gain you are talking about - in a longer period of time.

You sound to me like someone who hasn’t fully internalized the idea of “slow and steady wins the race”. Some people take a few years to see significant gains. You really have had great success very fast with the length, you may very well need more time to develop the girth you want.

Surgery is an all or nothing gambit. Most of what I’ve read regarding it seems to me to be a huge waste of money for a couple of reasons: the girth gains over all are often described to be of a temporary nature - I don’t know about you, but if I were to throw down for something like that I’d want to be sure it were permanent. Secondly the risk of permanent disfigurement - even dysfunction - seems to be very high. That’s a bet I would in no way take.

Particularly at your age. As others have pointed out, even if this takes a few years for you to achieve you will still have many, many years of good solid sexual activity ahead of you. Whereas the surgery has the risk that you could fuck yourself up for life. It’s a fools bet.

Sex with a somewhat thin penis is still sex. No sex with a fatter, distorted penis that doesn’t work seems like a lot to risk at your age. Or at any age really.

Don’t do it.

Instead tell us what you are doing and let’s see if there’s something you could change to make it more effective.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

Based on your join date, you haven’t been pe’ing long enough to tell whether you will get girth gains from natural PE or not.



Don’t do girth surgery. It’s results in disaster.

See what 8Ball saw. Be patient, you’re young.

My unit was 4 5/8’ girth mid shaft when I began PE exercises (and I was much more older than you in that time).

In only a few years of manual exercises (dry jelks) I got 5 1/2 girth in base and head, and 5 1/4’ mid shaft.

I know I’m not one of the biggest gainers here. But, the best of all is that I never had injuries, discoloration and keep excellent erections in my actual mature age.

Be patient. You will get what you want without surgery, only believing and practising PE.

You have only one penis. Take it with care.

Good luck.


Don't do it.


The upside to girthwork that is different from working length is that while you are slowly working on the long term permanent gains, you can enjoy the temporary faux girth that comes with these routines. After you have conditioned yourself to pumping and/or clamping you can easily maintain that faux girth almost indefinitely. This girls you speak of, maybe she has had girthier dicks, but the odds are in your favor that all six previous sex partners were more than likely shorter than 8”. With even a modest daily girth routine you can give her a thicker 8 eight incher. Trust me, hell trust all of us when we say, a 19 year-old with an eight inch dick does NOT want to go under the knife. Eight months in you are probably conditioned enough for some clamping if you’ve been working your dick all this time, maybe not aggressive clamping but a mild session of three ten minute sets morning and another session in the evening. You also could probably start a mild pump regimen, and you should be dry jelqing almost continually.

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Prerequisite for PE surgery

Rem: I see you are on, help me talk sense into this guy.

E.D. You should read everything Remek has written on clamping. In fact the following two links are a prerequisite for PE surgery. I tell everyone to read the opening post of these threads, then skip to the end and work your way backward because they’re long and we’ve learned a lot since then.

Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

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No Nukes

im going to give clamping a go. ill test it out for 2 months and see how things go.


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