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*sigh* Penis surgery



I’ll see your 1” of girth and raise you 1/4”

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Um, guys… quick question. When we measure are we supposed to be at FULL erection and measure while kegeling or not? Because if so then my measurements are apparently… 8x5.1

I never really noticed, but that extra kegel and with a full erection (which I almost never get, mind you) it’s hard to have exact measurments. So am I measuring correctly? Also if I clamp could I get a steady 5.1 girth?

However you measure, is how you should measure each and every time. That is the only way to know if you are making gains.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha

I’ll see your 1” of girth and raise you 1/4”

Well, I’ll see your 1/4” and raise you another 1/2”! O wait. If I do that I’ll only have 4” EG!!!

Okay, I fold.

8” length is perfect and you don’t need any bloody surgery for your girth. Get a pump and use it. It’s easy and fast. Start pumping mornings, afternoons and nights at low pressure with warm water for 20 min in a large tube (3.5” diameter): it works fast and well. In time a good portion of your temporary gains will become permanent and you’ll also gain some extra length. You may even clamp better afterwards, just don’t overdo it, injuries could take you out of the game (of fucking, forever..!).

If this were a world of 8” penises, surgeons would be in deep trouble.


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