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Shaving or not shaving...


>Pluck. Its takes longer for the hair to grow back… and when it does, it is not as thick. Then pluck again. <

Hair does’nt grow back thicker, thats just a myth.

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Will it disappear forever when you’ve done it once or twice?

No. Refer to products like Kalo for growth inhibitation. Some on this board have reported successful use with it.

I trim but do not shave it all off. I like the more masculine look but not the jungle.

omg, i just tried plucking 2 hairs, and it almost didnt even hurt!

When you pluck one at a time, it doesn’t hurt much. I also think if the skin is pulled tight where you are plucking, it is less painful. Over time, less hair grows back and the easier it is to pull those hairs out. When I first started plucking, I could only get about half way through before I had to stop. I ended up finishing the rest the next day.

If you are new to plucking, just pick out a few hairs that are furthest down the shaft, and pull those. Wait and see how long it takes for them to come back, and do it again. The bolder you get, the more you can pull out. Eventually, just some light maintenance will do the trick.

A few days ago I tried plucking a few areas, and I’d say that it went pretty well. I applied some ati-itch cream (the kind that numbs the skin a bit) beforehand, which I think helped somewhat. It certainly was time consuming, though. I really couldn’t se myself doing in all over, which is fine, because I only need to do it in a few areas that I want smooth but are difficult to shave.

Originally Posted by ddriver

Its waxing for the wife and I. Shaving is nice but in a couple days you’re dealing with stubble. I hate going down on the wife and feeling stubble. We wax now every other week. Its so smooth and the pain is minimal, much less so than ripping tape off.


The more you wax , the easier it is and the regrowth is also finer.

My back was once a complete jungle. After waxing for several months (about once every two or three weeks) it is much, much finer. Still grows through, but at a much reduced rate. I’d expect in another 6 or so months, it would far finer again.

Shave and trim

I prefer to use a trimmer and trim my pubes to about 1/4 th inch. Looks neat and tidy and no hir in the mouth for anyone else. Shave my shaft and sack daily in the shower. No pain or discomfort. Whole unit looks well groomed but “manly” none the less because of the short, neat pubes. Don’t mind the grooming being seen in the shower at the gym. But I would be conscious there if I were completely shaved. Keep pullin it, MXL

I’ve been shaving ever since I grow pubic hair. I just don’t like it. I don’t want my gf to have it and she doesn’t want me to have it.
Only fair too.

Well I used to pluck each single hair. But I now tried wax. Really good

try playboy wax or brazilian bikini wax.

It hurts only in the sensitive parts (anus f.E.)

and gives you a perfectly smooth feeling

Using tweezers hairs are often clipped instead of plucked.
this won’t happen with wax.

been trying everything the last 12 years and found this to be the best method.

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-Some guys want me to trim my pubes back but I’m stubborn. I like the masculine-hairy look.-

I do too, but it’s irritaing since my body seems to have feminine curves… it’s looks a liitle weird on me :(

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