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Shaving or not shaving...


Shaving or not shaving...

I prefer shave my pubic area… If not stretching will hurt like hell…. What do others do?

Definitely shave.

Definitely getting bigger.

Tweeze those suckers. Day after day, month after month, year after year. One after another.

Pull- “damn that hurts”-pull-“damn that hurts”-pull-“damn that hurts…


Wish I was an native american…..No Bush!!

Pluck. Its takes longer for the hair to grow back… and when it does, it is not as thick. Then pluck again.

I just like to trim it up good.

Trim pubic area and shave shaft/balls. I use to get cuts and bumps, but I’m using a Seiko Cleancut now and it’s really the best shave I’ve had for the balls/shaft, and absolutely cut safe. There’s been a lot of mention of the Seiko here.

But wify....

She says I look like a boy with no pubic hair…… :-(

Pluckity pluck pluck!

I prefer lighter fluid. Just douse the pubic area well and light a match.


Hair all gone.


Nice routine, wad!

Gotta try anything when gains are slow, right?

Originally Posted by NordstrumQ
Pluckity pluck pluck!

The whole area? How long does that take?

I just trim it real short, giving it the Kojack just itches too much, plus it looks weird.

Originally Posted by Langemann

She says I look like a boy with no pubic hair…… :-(

My missus says the same thing!

And how do you deal with that, Andrew!? Do you give in?

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