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Shaving or not shaving...

Originally Posted by Langemann

She says I look like a boy with no pubic hair…… :-(

You won’t look like a boy when you have got a 20cm cock.

She actually shouldn’t be complaining! Tell her the hairs on the balls and shaft could hurt her tongue or get stuck in between her teeth :P

I noticed a lot of male porn stars shave down there too…

I shave my shaft and scrotum and trim down the pubic area. Shaving is waaaaay better both on males and females. The smooth skin really turns me on more…

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Thanks!! I agreee sooooooooooooooo much!

Pluck?? OW!!!! :eek:

How long does it take???

Pluking does sting and it takes a while to do.

What I did to clean up my jungle was use a side-burn trimmer and just set it loose down there. Shortly after it all looked better. I may have done it wrong because I was realy iching for a couple of days. And I didn’t trim that close. As for plucking I started by only focusing on the hairs on my saft and working my way down. I’ll finish it all eventually. I just wanted to have a hair-less beast.

How long will you be bold if you’re plucking?? :D

Thing is, I tried to pluck just one hair, and it would not budge. I pulled with a huge amount of force, and all that happened what that I was in pain, and the follicle bled, but the hair did not move.

I’m a fan of the military cut… high and tight. It is short enough to give the little guy a longer look and long enough that it doesn’t get too itchy and doesn’t need constant maintenance…. it’s clean enough for good oral but smooth enough not to scratch your girls face!!!!


Yeah! I am fan of the high and tight circumcision-cut too!! Both hair and cock should be cut high and tight!

When I say Whoa, I mean , Whoa.......

Originally Posted by wadzilla
I prefer lighter fluid. Just douse the pubic area well and light a match.
Hair all gone.

I have a proposition for ya’……

I used to drink beer with Herman Muenster. They bought a new house, and couldn’t keep Spot, so I adopted him……

Well, one day, Spot got into my pornos, and started watching “Deep Throat” and really dug it, so much that he was always handy, just in case the missus had a sore throat or a toothache. The only problem is that when Spot gets a little carried away, it smells like a Christmas hearth in the oral…er, Oval Office. I was perplexed as to what to do with him, until I saw this post…..

You can have him if you want. He really digs Mexican Food, but have him lay off the cayenne pepper 2 to 3 days before a sword swallowing session, or your testicles will resemble two of the California raisins break dancing in a blast furnace…..

And you have to pay the freight charges, he’s put on a couple of pounds since his Hollywood days…..

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plucking is only hard the first time. the second time is easy, and after that, i guess your follicles just give up their will to hold onto your pubes, because it is really easy.

To me, plucking seems like it’d involve a fair bit of pain, and also A LOT of time. Can anyone give some tips with regards to plucking in that area?

Secret Fire,

I’ve hung a small brick from an I-hook in my ceiling. Swing the brick like a pendulum and just before it hits your head, Pluck! You’ll never even feel it.


Its waxing for the wife and I. Shaving is nice but in a couple days you’re dealing with stubble. I hate going down on the wife and feeling stubble. We wax now every other week. Its so smooth and the pain is minimal, much less so than ripping tape off.

I guess I’m the loner here. I much prefer to be as hairy as possible. I leave most of the pubes in full force. I do have some hair on the underside of my shaft. I shave or pluck these once in a while because they are too sparse to look good. I also sometimes shave just to the base of the shaft all around.

Waxing or plucking are better, but I like the speed of a quick shave and put up with the stubble. Always remember to put some after-shave or toner on after shaving. I don’t like perfumes on me so I use an odorless toner.

Shaving the shaft and cutting back the pubes helps make the cock look longer. It also helps when stretching not to end up pulling long pubes.

Some guys want me to trim my pubes back but I’m stubborn. I like the masculine-hairy look.


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