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Seems like some members just disappear


Seems like some members just disappear

Anyone notice how some members just up and disappear every once in a while.

Brian Rexx is one that comes to mind, so is Ardy. I haven’t seen those two in a while, unless I am blind, which is possibly the case:)

It’s rare but some guys seem to find a life out there that doesn’t require pull on a penis.

There’s a lot of people on this forum. I imagine some of those that disappear just plain die without wanting to burden us with the details of their impending demise.

Reminder to all here, If you die please drop us a note. Thanks

I think a lot of people get the hang of PE and either don’t need the instruction or don’t want to interact. Or, as SNM said, it just is not important anymore. I am here for DW’s pictures. :)

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“I am here for DW’s pictures.”

Nice post

There are so many people that have come and gone, I don’t even think about it much anymore. It’s all part of the Internet. You take chances getting to know some of the people here and following what they say and lord forbid if they share their private life and you get all caught up. It happens a lot but sometimes people are meant to be in your life for a long time or a limited time. I just hate that there have been some really great people on this forum, that just moved on or whatever may have happened to them.

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Originally Posted by SNM
Reminder to all here, If you die please drop us a note. Thanks

I’ve thought about this several times. In the box I’ve made to be opened in the event of my death, I have requested that my wife—or someone appointed by her—to get on here and leave a post. I’d hate to think that some of the people here would get the idea that I got bored of the place and just left (especially without saying bye to a few notable people—who shall not be noted).

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

They probably moved on to other sites or returned to ones they were already frequenting. Using myself as an example, I find it hard to make time for this place since I post/lurk between 10 other message boards that harbor my interests.

Originally Posted by OneHungLo
I am here for DW’s pictures. :)

You are the reason I post them ;)

Originally Posted by huff

There’s a lot of people on this forum. I imagine some of those that disappear just plain die without wanting to burden us with the details of their impending demise.

I’m just reading over this again. What a morbid asshole I am.

Anna and everyone else, it’s all part of that thing we call life.
This may not have much to do with people coming and going on an Internet forum. It’s more my own philosophy on things, But I’m feeling a bit sappy tonight so I’ve decided to ramble….

Think back to your childhood or as far back as you dare. Remember all those childhood friends, the people from elementary school, junior high, high school, college if you went, the jobs you’ve had over the years, the people who lived down the block or on the next street over. The little league baseball team,Then try and remember the one’s who made a difference in you’re life, and those you still hold a memory of in a special place. Where are they today? Do you even know? I too struggled with this in my earlier years as there were many people I wished I had never lost contact with. Some that I needed to say I’m sorry to and an even greater number with whom I never took the risk to properly say thank you. My own fears and insecurities kept me from doing either. Today I’m an older, wiser, and hopefully, better man. Today I trust I can lay proper claim to being a man and try to act accordingly.

In my early twenties I read a book by Richard Bach . He’s the guy that wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The book was called Illusions. If you’ve never read it, it’s a short read and you may want to look into it. Illusions confirmed several things for me then that I had thought about often. The benefits of being able to take risks in life in spite of however insane it may appear to be at the time, and more importantly, that we are all kindred souls here and only passing through but for a brief period. People come into our lives and some stay but a short time. Others stay quite a bit longer. Some teach us great lessons and others enrich and add to the qualities of our lives in ways that we would have never achieved on our own as if it was their single purpose, and then … they are gone. Forever.
I take comfort in my belief that some day, some how, I will again meet up with some of these people on the other side.
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I like your post. It’s true that some members, even though they pass through our lives for a moment, enrich our experience here. They can reach out and touch us quite profoundly.

There is a thing called “closure,” though, and it’s important for each of us, if we plan to move on, to say good-bye to those here at Thunder’s and elsewhere, who may have given of their time and their care, however briefly.


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It’s called lurking people.

It’s kind of like there’s a Honeymoon period, or they are kicking the tires to check it out, then either stay or move on.

cead mile failte :lep:

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