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Thanks to all forum members!

Thanks to all forum members!

The on ly real post I have submitted here was when I responded to the survey on why so many members were part of the forum, but never wrote anything. I replied “Waiting for results”.

Well Bam! Been doing a personally modified haning routine for a few months and have gained in all respects. From 6.5 BPEL to nearly 7, BPFL from 5.25 to nearly 6!!

OK, so I just did the measurements, and Im excited as you can probably tell.

But anyway: Thanks to all the members of the forum. The info is correct, abundant, and the program couldn’t exist without that. Also, just the community and thus mental support from kowing others are doing what your doing is great.

This rocks.

The warmest welcome and sincere congratulations hob!

"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

Nice gains! Good job!

Needs More Power

elite 8

Excellent Hob— amazing gains! I’m happy for you, and you’re spot on about this place.


Way to go, hobgoblin!! :thumbs:

There’s not many feelings that are better than seeing those undeniable gains on the ruler. These gains are a testament to the time and effort you put into achieving them. Now you can continue to participate and give back to the PE world by sharing your experience and knowledge with everyone.

Congrats on everything you’ve achieved and good luck with all the future gains to come!

Congrats Hob,

May the light be with you.

Later . . LS

Good job Hobgob. Carry on.



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