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Rock hard

Rock hard

I am a little concerned about the strength of my erections:

When at its full hardness, my dick curves upward almost parallel to my body and is rock hard - this if fine BUT, it can hardly stay in this ‘rock hard - large’ state for more than ten seconds!

I am only 22, and I don’t think this is normal, when in its largest ‘rock hard’ state my penis is 7” EL (NBP) - but it shrinks back down to 90% erect or less and loses nearly .5”.

Are there any exercises or tips I can do to keep my ‘rock hard’ state for longer or is this normal!??

- You see, although my pre-PE erections were also like this, I am meeting an ex and want to impress her with my new member!


ps. Thankyou to Thunder and everyone on this forum for keeping my motivation going, without you guys and such a great site I probably would of given up after a week of PE!

You doing PC exercises?

Are you stressing out over your erection when you are trying to measure it?? If so, relax and don’t worry about it. Ruler shyness is pretty common and real easy to get worked up over, which only adds to the problem.

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I’ll be honest - I am not actually doing PC excercises or kegels because I always forget to do them! I think the best approach is going to have to be, me scheduling a time for kegels and sticking to a set routine, how many reps/ holds should I do?

Thunder, its not ruler shyness, its like I can’t hold on to my strongest erection when having sex or during masurbation, if it gets to its hardest state, it only remains that large and hard for 10 seconds before going from almost parallel to my body and very hard to 90 degrees from my body and less hard.

It’s not that I cannot maintain a normal erection, its that I can’t maintain the strong hard erections that I get when 100% aroused.

I guess I just want to know if this is normal with most men, or if most you guys can hold on to your strongest erections once you get them, or like me - do they decrease?

I don’t know about other men, but I get two kinds of erections - my “normal” one, which is fully functional and I can orgasm with, and what I call my “raging” hard-ons, similar to what you describe. The raging ones are infrequent, and only occur when I am especially turned on. They are harder, firmer, and bigger. I don’t think I’ve ever had one when I’m masturbating. I have noticed since PE-ing that it is harder to maintain either erection at it’s maximum except in extremely erotic situations. I have found that taking L-arginine helps regain the rigidity of my newly enlarged erection to pre-PE days. I take 6 grams before sex (3 grams an hour before, then another 3 grams a half-hour later), both doses on an empty stomach. This is in addition to my daily supplement of 6 grams of L-arginine. So far it has worked very well. I’m totally sold on L-arginine, it works for me, but every one is different, so it may not have any effect on you.


Does it make a difference whether you are standing up or lying down? Some of us get a lot harder lying down.



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Sounds normal to me, do your PC´s and don´t think too much about it. If I actually TRIED to hold on to ANY erection I probably couldn´t. Thinking works against you in these kind of things. Hell, thinking always works against me ;)

Thanks guys, I didn’t expect such quick responses.

I actually thought I was becoming impotent or something, you guys have made me feel better - ( and all of a sudden the erections are much easier to maintain with the decreased worrying! )

That is what I love about this site, if you have something affectiing you, you can just come out and say it and get it off your chest, as well as get good advice.

I am going to start PCing a.s.a.p

…I’ve been PE’ing now for about a month… I notice my “morning wood” seems to last alot longer than it used to, and seems to be alot stiffer too…

…maybe I should do more PC exercises…

Hey guys. What Jelqist is describing is dead on balls acurate to one of my many hang-ups.

So realieving to find others who have this stuff on thier minds too. This place is better than any therepist I’ve been to thats for sure.

Quick question. I’m picking all this up rather quickly, and, this being my second post may be off base for a newbie. However I was wondering what ” PCing” was…damn I feel like I’m asking my parents about sex. I know/think its an exercise or some muscle in the penis. Can you help me by informing me on what that is please.

Thanks alot and this site will be the assistant to alot of happy local girls around my parts. Thanks guys.

Check out Westla’s excellant thread Locating the bc muscle on the muscles, and then you can start working those BC muscles.

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