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Ideas on a rock hard erection?

Ideas on a rock hard erection?

This is my first post so naturally it is a question. I read in Men’s Health magazine that you can exercise to create a stronger erection. I tried what they suggested and it works alright. Basically just flexing the muscle that restricts urine and how they said it “puckering your butt”. Doing this helps but i was wondering if there was anything else out there that could be done .I have an average size flacid and erect penis but due to extensive drug use of various mind and body altering drugs my erections are now substantially softer despite the recovery from my addictions.

If there are any suggestions please don’t hesitate because this has become very important to me and any help is encouraged…please.

By the way this site is outstanding and very informing. The members amount is staggering.You founders must be proud.

Oh and props to all who are so gotdamn open about all this and who don’t feel the need to lie about their stuff and ask for help.

Drop me a line if you have any input on an erection exercise. Thank you.

Originally Posted by chappedstick

“puckering your butt”

Search kegels

Yes, kegels help your hardness, and control, of your unit. I’ve been doing kegels for several months now, and I got to the point where I am rock hard when I want to be, and I can pretty much make myself cum when I want, assuming that there’s enough stimulation:D

I’m also taking Nox2 by Pinnacle. That helps in hardness and semen production. The last time I came from intercourse (yesterday), I shot a crazy load. I was sitting in my car seat, getting ridden, pulled out, puller her towards my body, with my dick below her crotch I aimed it at 10 oclock, and hit the windshild with my jizz. It was quite astonishing. I’ve only been taking Nox for about a week too.

Nox2 the muscle builder?

How much do you take of that and what’s your kegel routine, bt?

Yes. But I dont use NOx2, I use “nitric boost” which is a knock off made by optimum nutrition. I take 3g at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, totalling 9g per day. I weigh 190, and optimum nutrition reccomends 1 serving for people who weigh 100-150lbs, 2 servings for 150-200 lbs, and 3 servings for 200+ lbs. I am almost 200 lbs, so I go ahead and hit the 3 servings.

For kegels, I used to have some routine, that I didn’t record, because I started doing it long before my PE days. After a few weeks, I guess I just started doing kegels whenever I’m just sitting there at school or when I’m studying. I have no idea how many kegels I do, and I bet it is inconsistent on a day to day basis. All I know is that I do them a lot.

Hell, I don’t use any supplements. They might help, but oh well, I can see results anyway. I’d advise doing kegels.

Alright that sounds pretty good I’ll check out the kegels then and get at the nox2 but I don’t think I want to be shootin my stuff cross court ya know.

Thanks for writing back on that.

Hey bt, you wrote that you can make yourself cum when you want, do the kegels give you cum control? Or the ability to bust plenty after she’s gotten hers? stamina? I’ve heard of guys having multiple orgasms that go through their entire body. I’m probably out there but just in case I’m not, is this kind of thing actually happening?


I haven’t had any multiples (yet:D ) but I do have extremely intense orgasms after long sessions. And yes, kegels gave me cum timing control. I doubt that it helps me shoot big loads. I owe big loads to arganine, lots of water, and a very healthy bodybuilding diet.

Hey thanks alot guys for all the information.

Kegels and holds are helping me

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