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Results of my Wrapping Experiment


I gave up on using the velcro wrap as it was just too obnoxious walking around the office in dress slacks and a huge bulge. I do however, leave my wrapping from noon hanging sessions on for the rest of the day as a traction wrap.

Being the poster boy for a “grower” was the reason for me to start PE. Erect gains are just gravy for the wife! on that note - for those who say girth is everything need to see their girls eyes roll back and moan when they on top of you and you’re tapping something rigid in the back of their CDS(?)!!

Originally Posted by wadzilla

Remember, hyperplasia has never been confirmed in humans; it is, as yet, merely a theory. I’m not sure about the nerve tissues either. My cousin’s husband of 20 years was in a bad motorcycle wreck just after they were married. He sustained major nerve damage to his right arm, and can barely use it to this day. So, he didn’t develop any new nerve tissue in 20 years.

This thread quotes a reference that concurs with what I’ve said above. In fact, that’s where I got the idea. To save you the click, it says,


Soft tissue also has the ability to grow linearly along lines of tension. This is referred to as distraction histogenesis. Skin, muscle, nerves, and vascular tissue are generated, not stretched. The advantage is obvious, especially for severe retrognathia, in which the stretched soft tissue envelope can contribute to relapse when a traditional mandibular osteotomy is performed for a large (>10 mm) advancement.

Here’s the URL:

Originally Posted by wadzilla

So, you seem to be saying that by “growing more soft tissue” (but not more tunica capacity), we could maintain a partial chubby all the time? The problem is: (1) I’m not sure you could even do that because if you’re not pushing the tunica to it’s outer limits, how could those soft tissues grow beyond their present size?, (2) What happens during erection? With “more tissue,” but less room to grow, could you even achieve a full erection? and (3), Would a rock-hard erection then hurt like hell?

Great questions! I have no idea what could happen. I just think it’s important to distinguish between the tunica and its contents. Of all the structures of the penis, the tunica is by far the toughest to grow. The idea I was originally proposing is that it may be possible to grow the contents without growing the envelope.

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Originally Posted by wadzilla

Two more points: I’ve heard doctors say that you can’t enlarge smooth muscle tissue. This is bullshit, because I’ve also heard doctors say that the hearts of elite athletes enlarge - sometimes significantly. And the heart is composed of SM tissue. So, wtf?

Please excuse my know-it-all-ness, but cardiac muscle is not smooth muscle. It’s a specialized type of muscle like non other in the body. I’ll try to find a reference.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

It seems to me the tunica stretches and grows in the same manner as *any* muscle tissue would stretch or grow.

That is, when touching your toes, your hamstrings stretch axially, along the line of the bone. How could you stretch your hamstrings radially? How could you do it effectively? If you pulled on your hamstrings at 90 degrees to the bone, wouldn’t its response be to lengthen versus thicken? Lengthening would allow more radial pull — whereas a thickening reaction doesn’t seem to me to be its natural response. Like a bow and arrow: the bow is the bone and the string is the muscle. A longer string allows more radial pull, whereas a thicker string wouldn’t achieve the desired effect (perceived desired effect — more radius). Presumably, the body will want to adapt to the stress in a sensible manner, and therefore lengthen axially versus thicken radially.

I think this may be the same problem with the tunica. Length-wise is normal (look at all the length gains that have been made), perhaps because of the cell arrangement. If so, then a radial stretch is ‘against the grain’. Granted, not impossible, just much, much more difficult (compare everyone’s length gain reports to their girth gain reports).

Therefore, it seems sensible that wraps or clamps are the only way to coerce muscle cells to divide such that more circumference is created (dividing in the direction of the stress) — perhaps an unusual request on any muscle tissue — which translates to slow response. Conversely, if the clamping forces the tissue toward the glans, then clamping may inadvertently causing lengthening because the engorged cells will be stressed in their typical direction (same as an erection, but with higher pressure).

Assuming the radial stress were enough — might this mean radially-oriented cells are then created? I’m not sure that would be bad, but perhaps such cells wouldn’t allow length increases while operating the ‘device’ — they’d be stretched radially during an erection. This sounds like a spongy erection to me — axial cells stretching axially during an erection, while radially cells refusing to stretch axially.

Perhaps then the normal PE stretching process would coerce the new radial cells to divide axially, but still have radial orientaton — to create more length. But then why would a radial cell dividing in the direction of axial stress create another radial cell?

I’m figuring clamping (akin to ADS or hanging, just a 90 degree difference in stress applied) is a viable technique — but perhaps the fluid build-up and reduced circulation prevent it from being implemented effectively. Unless you’re Big Girtha, in which case, you sustain the ill-effects in favor of the desired effect — which he has acquired.

I would think it’d take many months (or years) to know for sure because increasing the circumference by cell division seems like it would take a hell of a lot cells to notice any difference.

Now after re-reading this, I don’t think it’s much of a contribution — more the ramblings of a penis-obsessed madman who spends way too much time thinking about this.

I’m not disputing any of your theories or speculations, guys, but my experience has been a little different.

In spite of considerable erect gains, I gained virtually nothing on the flaccid side during PE. As I’ve said elsewhere, a 3 inch hang was a big falccid day for me.

I started velcro wrapping daily, cock and balls, after my PE sessions and in the morning I got in the habit, too, of wrapping morning wood, keeping the wrap on for at least several hours. The wrap was at the suggestion of my friend and fellow mod, peforeal. I began to do this 2 years ago last fall, I think it was, and by then I had all the erect gain I wanted and had stopped regular PE exercises, just some “maintenance.”

Today, and every day, whether or not I use the wrap (and I’ve gone without it for subtantial periods of time) my very minimum flaccid length is 5” and that is a “turtle” - after excercise. Granted, I do use erectile drugs for my ED but they don’t explain the extra because I’ve dropped them from time to time to check the degree of my current ED. I still have this larger flaccid size.

I don’t use a trick mirror for shaving, so what I am seeing through that must be real. I can feel the increased length and girth - and I still have all my sensory faculties intact. :) and when I freeball in street clothes, I have this much larger penis than before reaching down one leg of my pants.

I can attibute the increase to nothing but the wrap, unless this is some very unusual delayed reaction to those years of active PE.

We are all different in our chemical/tissue makeups. I am not saying that wrapping will work for all, but I do believe it has worked for me.



Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons

Assuming the radial stress were enough — might this mean radially-oriented cells are then created? I’m not sure that would be bad, but perhaps such cells wouldn’t allow length increases while operating the ‘device’ — they’d be stretched radially during an erection. This sounds like a spongy erection to me — axial cells stretching axially during an erection, while radially cells refusing to stretch axially.

Huh?…… :)

Originally Posted by 7of9
Huh?…… :)

I was going off on a tangent… Sorry.

Perhaps someone could clear up how a cell, which is oriented in a certain direction, would react to stress perpendicular to its orientation.

1) Does it divide into 2 cells which are both oriented as the first
2) Does it divide into 1 cell with original orientation, 1 with a 90 degree orientation
3) Does it divide into 2 cells, both aligned at 90 degrees
4) Does it just catch on fire

I don’t have a too big clue on how cell structures in our body are made up, but:
Does it make sense that a cell in a cell structure is only in angles of 90° ?
Hell no, the whole structure couldn’t take shit of a stress before collapsing/ripping apart.

IMO it has to be a randomly seeming web not necessarily having 1, 2, 4 or 8 cells surrounding it (eg. how about 5 cells? 7?).

Thus it doesn’t make sense a cell dividing is doing this into a certain direction, but rather divides and the newly created cell takes the position of the least stressed part surrounding the originally dividing cell (read: least pressure => there _is_ space).

To have this space available when the fibro is being generated is the real challenge in length and girth increase.

Thus the ADS (length) or clamps/wraps (girth).

Of course it’s easier to keep your dick in an elongated state since there doesn’t have to be much blood in it while being elongated, thus it’s easier to wear your ADS without constricting the blood flow too much.
As for girth, you have to keep your dick in a very engorged state. Lots of blood needing lots of restriction to keep the engorged state over a longer time => IMO way harder to keep your dick engorged without constricting the blood flow too much.

Of course constricting the bloodflow too much is bad and causes severest injuries if sustained over a longer time, mkay? ;)


edit: Since you can’t keep your dick very engorged for a long time without constricting the blood flow too much I recommend what I do: Doing a fully blown girth exercise (up to the point where it starts to become unhealthy) once and then subsequently do a lil (dry) jelq to enlarge the CC/CS nearly to the point at the end of the exercise before and a little clamping with Kegels afterwards.
This gave me some pretty good girth gains during the last three _weeks_ since I started this. Only in the 1/7 to 1/10th inch range but it’s pretty nice for 3 weeks IMO (during the clamp right after the original exercise I get a read of increased girth of 1/7 to 1/5 inch.

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