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results from 1 on-2 off

results from 1 on-2 off

After a month of using a 1 on-2 off schedule consisting of a half hour of jelqing and ten minutes of manual stretching, I have determined that more work is needed to induce growth. I measured this morning and saw no change in erect length. I noticed .25” increase in flaccid length. But, if my erect measurement is correct, I actually gained nothing.

For the month of November, I will be using a one on-two off schedule of thirty minutes jelqing and ten minutes of stretching. I will do this because I broke a plateau and gained .25” using this schedule.

So if I’m understanding,you’re going to try another month of the same regimen, because it needs additional time to work?

I’m interested in the one on/two off schedule for extra recuperative purposes but, like you, I am not sure it would be effective.


Walter, are your workouts intense?

“So if I’m understanding,you’re going to try another month of the same regimen, because it needs additional time to work?”

No, actually I am going to do a one on-one off this month. Since this worked for me, I will do it again. But this time, I am going to cut back to twenty five minutes of jelqing a session. I will put in total of about 1 hour and forty minutes a week. Last time, I gained by doing 30 minutes a session, or about 2 hours. I want to see exactly how much jelqing it takes to effect optimal growth, and this is the only to know for sure.

It is possible that it takes at least two months for a one on-two off to work, but I am not going to assume this is the case. None of this is to say that you shouldn’t at least try a one on-two off, but it seems to be ineffective for me. If my results are accurate, then I need to do more than 2 hours of jelqing a week. My one on-one off is still very minimal compared to the routines on this list. And, it worked.

As far as intensity goes, my dick is pretty beaten up. I can’t maintain an ultra-hard erection after a workout.

I’m just a little confused, ‘cause in your first post on this thread, you said “For the month of November I will be using a one on-two off schedule…” but in post #4, you say that “…I am doing a one on-one off this month.”
I’m vascillating between these two schedules for when I start back in again next week. I’ve already decided to cut down my workout time somewhat.

I wonder if this chart at penis-health (which I’m a member) has much credibility.…ment-report.htm
If it does, then some people are gaining at just a few minutes per day and only 2 days per week. Look at #8, 16, 18.

I wish this were more of an exact science. It’ll probably take me awhile to figure out just how I can jelk and stay injury-free.

Good luck on your one on-one off, walter—I hope your results are better this month! I’ll be watching for anything you have to say…

If I remember correctly, it seems that each time I started PE-ing, for the first 3 to 4 weeks there was no measurable gains- nothing. Then wham-o, an eigth, then a quarter of an inch gains, by week 6 or so.
I’m thinking that it could be that I actually gained 1/16 or so, the first 3 weeks, only it was too small to register(a dick seems a little too dynamic to be measured in increments that small)

Maybe you’re just on the verge of some gains, walter. Could it be that you’ve already made a small one? If you’re working at it hard enough to be sore, it sounds like you should be making gains.
I mean most guys would have your monthly amount of hours of training done in 2 weeks or less of 6days per week training—and not many people are saying that they get results after 2 weeks.

One thing I have anticipated is that even if I can get a 2 to 3 days per week schedule to work for me, I still won’t probably gain as fast as the guys that can do it nearly every day. The hours just aren’t there. However, the amount of gain per pe-ing hour might still be comparable.
A workout that would be easily sustainable for the long run would make pe-ing much more pleasant and safe for me I think…

Alot of rambling, I know, but I’m trying to get this figured out so I can safely and efficiently move on with my training. And I sincerely wish the same for you :)

“One thing I have anticipated is that even if I can get a 2 to 3 days per week schedule to work for me, I still won’t probably gain as fast as the guys that can do it nearly every day. The hours just aren’t there.”

I know for a fact that I will not gain using an every day schedule, because I have tried it. Even if a one on-two off didn’t work for me, I still find that a lower volume workout is better. After all, if I gain nothing after a low volume workout, I will have only wasted 1 hour a week. If nothing is gained after a high volume workout, you have wasted 7 plus hours a week. Using a one on-one off I gained just as much, if not more, than the members that workout every day for hours.

It is possible that I produced a “hidden” gain during last month, but I cannot assume this.

Thanks, memento!

Thanks for the heads up and going to the trouble of finding and posting those thread links for us. I needed to read that. :)
Now I’ve got a much better idea about what’s going on and why so many are angry with Darren.
This new info kind of lends his chart less credibility with me now.

I like the Data chart they have here, ok., but I have to admit that Darren’s is put together in a way that’s easier for me to get the info and draw the conclusions I need. It’s pretty hard to compare workout routines with their results, when you have to get alot of that info from pop-ups. I’m not trying to put down anybody’s web design here, and this is a free(donation) site after all :)
Long live Thunder’s.
I’m the millionth person to probably say this, but I wish I’d known about Thunder’s before I spent $50 at Penis-health. Hopefully his new site upgrade will make that money count a little more for me. There’s supposed to be new instructional videos—that could be very helpful to many of us.

I don’t do well with that everyday thing either—sure wish I did! It’s just that I’ve never gotten measurable gains ‘til after the 3rd to 4th week, myself.
Your move to one on-one off sounds reasonable. Good luck

If you’re saying thunders is worth more than $50 to you, then there is a way you can show this and save Thunder the headache of wondering what to do this month for money: donate (using the paypal link at the bottom of every page) :)

This place is getting bigger and if we still want it to be fast we have to make sure the money is there to do it.

$5 will make a difference and more will make a bigger difference :D

Pay sites are different from this place. The FAQ serves many people well but its more about developing an understanding from talking to others. I’ve learnt lots since I got here and am still learning :) I’ve read that even some vets pay for Big Al’s site so I would think that would be a good pay site to go for if there is a need for tutorials.

right you are!

You have no idea how poor I am this month(I’m an artist) But with luck and the sale of a piece, I’ll be able to toss some in the hat very soon, and help make a difference. Without that luck, all I can contribute for awhile is my comments and questions, I’m afraid.

This is the best PE site I’ve been on. :) :)

I wish I had known about Big Al’s when I was able to get a membership. You know, there’s no legitimate “consumer reports” of penis enlargement sites. At least that I could find. If there were a truly independant site review, maybe there’d be more accountability, and fewer newbies would get stung…

Do they/could they have a paysite review section on this site?

Oh yeah you mentioned the being an artist thing before. I could never make money out of that either ;)

There is a reviews forum and it contains some paysite reviews.

What you are effectively talking about is against the capitalist system though, independent scrutiny of businesses :D

Money? What money?! All they ever pay me with is seashells or glass beads…

Thanks yet again, memento—I’m going to join the revolution by checking out the reviews section now…

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