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The "Penis-Health/abstractsummary/Darren" thread...

The "Penis-Health/abstractsummary/Darren" thread...

Darr…abstra…Mr. Penis-Hea…awww, fuck it! I don’t even know who to address this too, so…Sir:) , why are you asking advice and soliciting input from members of this board with respect to PE? I clicked your link and went to your site to look at the ad/hook page. Interestingly enough, there is a study conducted by the proprietors (you?) of this site involving 50 persons, if I recall correctly, and it is availible for potential customer reading. If all of these folks (except the 19 y.o. w/the 9.1 incher) were successful as well as happy with there reported results, why don’t you just ask them for advice on PE? Or maybe that Doctor that recommends your site? I’m curious about one of the testimonial photos, too. It looks quite familiar, in fact I believe it does exist on another paysite. Did this person really use your program? Thanx in advance for answering this and any other questions on this board pertaining to your posts. groa

Ok lets start from the beggining, firstly I do ask my members for different techniques etc that they use which worked for them. But having browsed this forum for several weeks I noticed some very experienced PE here some for over 2 years therefore to increase the gains that can be gained by the clients I was asking for input from yourself. Regarding testiomonal photos the ones we use are the ones submited to us.

If it is wrong to try and improve peoples experiences with PE , then I apologise.

Hey Darren..

If you are just starting PE, who wrote the exercises on your site? Or are your exercises just reworks of the exercises from other paysites? Do you really have any Unique Exercises? Something that is totally different from the commonly known ones?

So, let me get this right, you ask members here for advice on what works and what doesn’t, then take that advice and put it up on your paysite for your clients? Do you see something wrong with that? Like maybe you are charging your clients for information they could get for free? And charging them rather harsely at $48.95US. I can understand a fee for collecting and organizing all the different information that is available, and making it accessable on one site, but a more modest fee, like $9.95US would seem fair.

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Ouch! And Thunder cuts to the quick! :)

no, no one knows the definitive guide to PE, by asking the masses that use the techniques entire PE can be improved.

It’s the methods that you’re using to obtain those “techniques” that we’re complaining about!


Excuse my French, UC….

Darren, don’t inuslt my intelligence by posting shit like that. I went over your site, and looked at every goddamn detail and link. Your exercises are nothing new, mere a re-written collection of “old” material. Charging people $48.95 is just outrageous and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau or any other institution, dealing with business related consumer concerns.

Therefore, I thank you for giving me free access to your site, even if it was just for re-evaluating purposes only. But, my friend, you’re outta here……

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Way to go guys!


Good Job!

I can’t stand that when someone uses the board to hawk some crappy product and they have to use underhanded means to sell there wears because they are so inferior to the other products on the market. That’s why I take my hat of to guys like Big Al and Bib who just let there product sell it self and just offer great free support and help anybody who asks for nothing.

Darren a little advice improve your product and lower the price
and stop being a bullshit artist.


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Let's really cut to the chase!

We all know there is only one way to enlarge our penis. Simply said we have to focus on the jelq and uli and PC’s. Everything else is milarky. Just stay focused on your exercises and forget about all of these miracle sites. I have read so many of them they make me sick. I still go back to my jelq exercise and love every minute of it. So, now you have my 2 cents worth.

A Deadly Question?

After seeing this thread but argreeing with why it is here I have a question related to it that could be deadly lol.

After searching for some time to find any good reliable PE information and seeing all the rip off sites I had the idea to create a PE related site.

I am in the process of designing this PE site and knowing that the info I have learned was mostly free I know I cannot in good faith charge for the information I have learned.

I do however know that unless I want a site that is nothing more than a porn banner farm I will have to make a bit from it to pay the hosting fees and such.

I am shooting at a database driven site that will allow members to post their routines and ideas while allowing other members to vote on their effectiveness in order to see what is really working or not. I guess it would have the feel of an anonymous club more than anything.

I want to create charts that will be showing average gains and other factors related to members.

Basically I want this site to be an interactive sharing and learning experience for all the members while providing all of the members combined knowledge to newbies in the PE field. I want it to cover as many aspects of penile health as possible. From enlargement to foreskin restoration and from impotence to sall stretching.

I want everything I spent weeks trying to find under one roof. Ideas, devices, improvements and hazards.

I would love for me to be able to afford to put it all up for free but this is not practical.

My Idea was for a $10 maintenance type fee to be a member. This could possibly be lowered later to like $5 or something on a yearly basis or whatever. This pays the bills and keeps the site clean while allowing anyone to afford it. I think that at least having a small fee has the benefit of keeping the membership base pure so to speak as well by keeping the usual web trash from joining just to spam or annoy members in the forum that will be present. Such people would also affect the accuracy of any polls and group of routine progress reports as well.

While it is not my intention to copy anyones site or anything I am sure that some of the things posted would be similar. I want to post routines that provide results and have been created by the members.

I figure I would ask a few dozen experienced people I have seen in here and the other forum to jump in for free to get it wound up. I figure the best PE site would be one with collective learning from its members.

Many things are up in the air as of now but this gives you an idea of what I want to accomplish. I do not believe PE should be a way to get rich off of others but a sharing of knowledge to help our fellow men or brothers.

So…. Opinions please. What are your ideas for the perfect site? Do you thing such a small maintenance fee is out of line for a continually updating total PE PH site?

I posted a similar question in the other forum but it was never posted. I hope this one is as I really want some input and or people who want to be a part of it.


I was waiting..

Hey Iwish,
That ten dollar fee sounds familiar, where have I heard that before?

Now, a few questions for you.

Would you still put up the site if there was not a fee involved? Putting up a site is cheap now, with the dot com deaths everybody has server space available at real good prices. Domain registration is under twenty bucks.

What other experience do you have with websites?

What free PE sites have you visited?

All of your “ideas” are what I am basically trying to do here, do you think there is room for another site/forum/database for the PE crowd?

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

I agree with you

Thunder….I think this form is excellent. We are all here for one purpose. We give out our workouts and stats freely. What more is needed. Besides, the guys on this site already know what works best for them. We are here for the support and conversation.

>That ten dollar fee sounds familiar, where have I heard that before?

Unless you are speaking of the $9.95 you mentioned above I am not sure as I think the cheapest site I have seen before was $19.95 with the next being 39.95 then on up.

>>Would you still put up the site if there was not a fee involved? Putting up a site is cheap now, with the dot com deaths everybody has server space available at real good prices. Domain registration is under twenty bucks.

I could not personally afford to do it no. Yes it would be so that I could have a few bucks left over for my time as well. For anyone to say otherwise would be a lie. But not enough that I would be exploiting everyone elses ideas to charge 40 or 50 bucks a head. Times are tough for me as well. If I was raking in enough money to afford to build and update a site for free I probably wouldn’t have the time to do it.

Even with sites I have hosted for my clients a site that costs less that $25 per month seems to be very limited in bandwidth or is very unreliable. And if you have found a reliable place to register domains at $20 bucks that don’t have some clause saying that they are the real owners of a domain registered through them let me know. $20 is better than $35 anyday. :o )

>What other experience do you have with websites?

Quite a bit and learning more all the time. My weakest points are graphics abilities. But times are slow after Sept 11 in convincing people to take their business online.

>What free PE sites have you visited?

Quite a few but only a few were more than jiberish of copied material from another. Only a few stuck in my mind and the only one I can think of now is Tom Hubbards which is fortunately not a porn banner farm and quite nice. But it still has the drawbacks of being free hosting and very slow or gone at times due to the host. Unknown whether they would have database abilities in their service

>All of your “ideas” are what I am basically trying to do here, do you think there is room for another site/forum/database for the PE crowd?

Yes with the internet crowd there seems to always be room for something else. Is it needed or wanted? that is another question entirely. I really had no idea what all of your intentions were here as all I had seen to this point was a Site Under Construction Message and this forum which the forum is working out nice I will add. And my thanks to you for it as it has helped me get some personal questions ansered through the posts. But it was a long time in the finding.

I feel as though you may have taken offence to the post but that was not at all my intentions. I thought this was mostly just a PE forum. No Idea you were going with an expanded site.

No this whole undertaking would not be for the money aspect though. If it was I would steal everyones ideas and call them my own and charge 49.99 for membership. I have had a serious complex about my personal size all my life. I am 34 now, and the posts I have found in the forums have given me a new lease on gaing some self worth in the penile department. At the same time I have read numerous rip off stories and all of this together inspired me.

My inspiration and ideas were not intended to step on toes. :o )


Hey Jim..

I did not get offended in the least. Just trying to find out what you had in mind. I started to work some exercises and stuff for the site, but not had the time to really put forward a good effort.

This site here has a hell of a lot of room and bandwidth, and at present I can continue to pay for it myself. If you. or anyone else for that matter, wants to work on a project to put on the site, let me know. I don’t want someone asking me to put up a word for word ripoff of someone else’s work.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


I truly admire your altruistic intentions for your fellow man with regards to PE. Greatest thing is, there is no work or tedious toil involved for you on this one. It’s being done very well already with, IMO, some of the most knowledgable and experienced folks in the subject of PE. Been to many boards myself and I really like this one…I don’t think you are going to create better. I take your words at screen value when you say that there is no intention at making money, but in all honesty I do have my doubts. Considering some of the more recognized names and ideas on these forums, it sure does look like a lucrative package, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you just love to own some of those posts by Bib? Wanna ask Merlin a question? I could go on with that part, but I won’t. Y’know, free gathering places on the internet are not a waste just because they don’t make money. groa

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