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Rest Between Clamp Set

Rest Between Clamp Set

How long should you rest between clamp set?

Depends on each person. Some would say 5 minutes, some would say 10 minutes. It’s up to you and how you feel on the time you need to give your penis to rest.

I take a 2-5 min break and just masturbate to get some fresh blood flowing.

Originally Posted by Sacred

I take a 2-5 min break and just masturbate to get some fresh blood flowing.


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I think color is your best indicator. I rest just enough time for my head to become bright pink again. Then I start another set. The object is to make sure all new blood has percolated back in and the old de-oxygenated has moved out.

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Originally Posted by drilla9

Me too! I didn’t even think of having a longer wait. I think Monty has hit the nail on the head though.

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