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Does anyone take rest days?


Does anyone take rest days?

I have been on other PE sites which say to take 2 days of rest per week. I did a search for “rest days”, which provided no results. And it doesn’t seem that many,if any, people that hang take any rest days…intentionally. They say on the other sites that you should take the rest days in order to let your dick heal;i.e- the tissues,ligs, etc. Bib told me that it is a waste of a day to take a rest, yet when I mention it to those on other sites, they scoff at that and say you will be “walking around with your dick in your hands”. I am very confused by all this, as I do not want to injure my unit….or lose any progress I’ve made.

What Bigger is telling you is correct,unless you have some skin irritation, etc. You are basically dealing with traction principles when hanging for gains, so days off are counterproductive.


Mr. Nine is absolutely correct. Penis lengthening is not like muscle development. Thru much trial and error, I have realized more length gains, with a 6/7 day a week routine. Of course, you have to pace yourself, so that you won’t need a 2 day rest period. If time doesn’t permit, then just keep your penis wrapped, or wear an ADS.

It’s very difficult to strike a perfect balance, where you’re not over-working nor under-working your penis. For me, being overenthusiastic has hindered my progress many times. I suggest you start out very conservative and very slowly increase the weights/exercises (maybe every two weeks).

Note that, you might feel like you can Easily handle more weight/exercises, but remember that the fatigue will slowly creep up on you, and then disturb your 6/7 day a week routine.

It is always better to under work your penis. Since you’ll be adding weights/exercises twice a month, you’ll eventually catch up. But if you overdue it, then you have to take time off and literally waste months of precious PE time.


I have been doing the hanging, solely, for about 2 weeks now. And I have been doing it only BTC, as I am unsure of how to do all the other ones-even with a search. I am a very visual learning person, and I need pictures/diagrams that make sense to me. But I am sure I will eventually get it. I also need some sort of routine that I can stick to. The time that allows me to hang is….I’ve been doing three hangs in the morning before work, and then two or three when I get home that night. My weight incriments now are- I start off at 12.5 for first hang, then 10 for second, then 7.5 for third. At night I have been starting off at 10, and then one or two 7.5’s. If anyone here can outline a routine that would be good for me to stick to, I would greatly appreciate it. Bigger has also been helping me on his site.

BTW, I got my initial gains in the beginning, before I started to do “only” hanging, when I first purchased my Bib Starter, by hanging straight down for 5+ minutes, and then grabbing my penis head and tugging really hard on it for as long as I could handle it..probably averaged about 5-10 seconds. I seem to be stuck on 7 inches Side BPEL, and would like to get much more obviously. But the point is, that I “did” gain something by doing what I was doing. So a specific routine will definitely help.



So if you hang you have to hang everyday? I don’t think I could do that. I just do manual PE only 3-4 days per week.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


Being helped by Bib should be good enough. ;-)

Here’s my humble opinion:

As far as the weight amount, you should be the judge of that, by paying attention to how your body responds (pace yourself). A morning and night routine is very good. And using Bib’s technique of starting with max-weight and gradually reducing, is also good. But you have to keep your penis in a stretched state (e.g. Wrap, light-ads, pe-weights, .) the rest of the day. And hang 6/7 times a week.

Also I recommend SO hanging, exclusively. To confirm, that means your penis is pulled Straight-Out (in the direction of your erection). This angle allows all the necessary structures to be stretched.

Now, the theory of “divide-and-conquer” (BTC, SU, SO, OTS, .) is a good one. But it introduces too many factors. For instance, keeping track of the time/effort you exert for each angle, varying the weight amount for each angle, changing between setups, having different setups, etc.. So unless you’re very structured and focused, it might be counterproductive to do the “divide-and-conquer” method.

In my opinion, hanging at one angle (in the direction of your erection), is simple and will automatically work on the most needed structures, first.

Furthermore, I prefer a vacuum hanger to the Bib hanger, for similar reasons. The Bib hanger is much more sophisticated, and requires more focus and effort to get right. I struggled for weeks, trying to perfect the fit, of my Bib hanger. And as the weight went up, I had to continue refining the fit and the wrapping. And I finally ended-up bruising myself bad. In other words, if you’re like me, you’ll do better with an idiot-proof contraption, like a vacuum hanger. But if you already have a Bib hanger, just stick with it and be vigilant.


Originally Posted by kingpole
So if you hang you have to hang everyday? I don’t think I could do that. I just do manual PE only 3-4 days per week.


Implicitly, we’re talking about the fastest way for lengthening your penis. For instance, Bib was able to gain 4.5 inches in 18 months, by doing a considerable amount of hanging. But as long as you keep your penis in a stretched state, as much as possible (ideally 24/7), hanging just 4 days a week is good enough. You’ll just realize length gains at a slower rate.


Originally Posted by plenty_otoole
But you have to keep your penis in a stretched state (e.g. Wrap, light-ads, pe-weights, .) the rest of the day. And hang 6/7 times a week.

So, IOW, you should keep a wrap on all, or most of the day? What do you mean by “light-ads”? I just started doing the “sit down” stretch yesterday,to try and keep it extended while not PEing, when I could only do one hang in the morning before I had to leave to run errands. I did it while I was driving in the car, and it was about 20 minutes to and from my destination. I know my flaccid length is at least getting longer… because before, I had to use either of my butt cheeks to sit on my penis. Now, I can easily pull it inbetween the cheeks comfortably.

Originally Posted by plenty_otoole
Furthermore, I prefer a vacuum hanger to the Bib hanger, for similar reasons.

Did you make your own? I am not to mechanically inclined !

And so…since you would like your penis in an extended state during the healing process, what are the time frames for this healing and how much of that time would suffice to have it extended? Even thought I’m sure it’s possible,it’s absurd to think that you would walk around all day & night in an extended state-via wrap or hanger or whatever.

So do all of you guys with alot of hanging experience think that hanging is only effective if done almost every day? I currently jelq in the shower (for privacy issues) and was thinking about starting to hang in the near future.. However I really would only have the time and privacy to do it 3 or 4 days a week (consecutively) Since I spend Friday to Sunday all day & night with my significant other. Will hanging be effective if I only do it for an hour or two, lets say from Mon to Thurs.. Or should I forget it all together and stick with just jelqing?



Talk to your lover,mate. She would love to hear you’re making your dick bigger!…..I would think. And then you could hang for the necessary time frames. I’ve understood that you “should” do it every day, or at least 6 out of 7 days.

I eat every day. I drink every day. I fuck every day. I pe every day. Why rest? - Counterproductive as said MrNine.

Later - ttt

Just to throw in a counter example, one should read xenolith’s IPR program:

xenolith - Finding xeno: a penis tale

I think it is by no means certain that hanging (large amounts of weight) everyday is the fastest way to gains. If you are using the weight as an ADS (say less than ~1 pound) then I would agree that everyday is better because at that low of a stress you are probably growing through a different physical mechanism. I say this because at one point someone plotted the stress-strain relation of their dick and under ~1 pound the modulus of elasticity was vastly different than above it.

Anyway, I haven’t really hung for very long, but I can say that with manual exercises the little gains I did see over many years of dedicated PE was when I did the equivalent of the newbie routine and had lots of rest days. When I was overzealous I gained nothing. Leading me to try ever more complicated things until recently I decided to go back to basics (with a little hanging since I could never seem to gain length).


So whats with the newbie routine to take days off for??

The Newbie Routine
5 minutes hot wrap
5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
10 minutes of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 minutes hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each
Schedule:2 days ON / 1 day REST.

Originally Posted by kingpole

So if you hang you have to hang everyday? I don’t think I could do that. I just do manual PE only 3-4 days per week.

You don’t have to hang everyday if you use an ADS between your heavy hanging sessions. All that’s necessary is to have something in place between sessions to prevent contraction of your previous gains. A couple of pounds of stress is all it takes to maintain extension and growth. Object: to prevent healing in a contracted state.

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11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

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