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Real Average Must Be Bigger

Lots of sex therapists think the average size in the surveys is too high.

Why? Self selection. Guys know they are going in to have their penises measured.

Bigger guys will want to have their penises measured.

Smaller guys will want to stay home.

[northmiamitop, thanks for the reality check]

Yeah well I think…

Originally Posted by beowulf
I am talking about 8 inches and up. In fact, they don’t even seem that rare. With that in mind, think that if the average was 6 inches, then for every 8 inch, there would have to be two 5 inch members. Now 5 inches is not very common.

Based on what information are 5” penises not very common?

Assuming what you say about your 8” friends is true. A sample of 10 men is hardly scientific.

I once flipped a coin 10 times and it came up heads 8 times. So clearly heads is a much more likely outcome than tails. And from the porn I watch the average penis must be 8”. Since porn stars clearly represent the average male walking on the street. And every women in Mexico must be smoking hot because that’s were Salma Hayek comes from.

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Yeah, 5” dicks are probably 30% of the population.


Originally Posted by devilknight666
Seeing a penis that appears to be really big and actually measuring it are two different things.

Right. Plus xl magnum condom is 8.1 inches long ring to tip and fit tight on a 5.5” girth. Its designed to fit a 7.5” unit completely rolled down.

I believe girths to be a bit bigger than the average stated 5. This is based upon seeing a plethora of men in the flaccid state, in a 65 degree operating room.

People lie as well. My ex got drunk and brought up my dick size before I started to PE. We were at a friends, drinking quite a bit. She was like, ‘It’s huge! It’s like 7 something.. I can put two hands on it and still.” She made a sucking motion. Somehow none of my friends sizes were lower than mine when she asked about theirs (very drunk). Even the ones I know to be small.

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Why ‘real average’? Why statisticians would all lie about penis size? If anything, measures are inflated.

As far as ‘real life statistics’: I was about 7” NBP when I was a young man, maybe even 7.25”. I’m straight, neverthless I’ve seen at least 20 erect penises of my friends back there - there were bets on who was bigger, believe it or not. I’ve always been the longer, and only one was girthier.

Being the ‘I’ve-to-tell-what-I-believe-is-the-thruth-at-any-costs’ co**h**d guy that I’m well known to be I suppose you can trust what I say, so if you like take it as specular experience of yours, sum and make the average. That’s how statistics are build, after all. (:

Originally Posted by Fantom
Anecdotal evidence is sometimes oddly compelling. But I would say that’s where the power of popular belief comes in, and why porn is such a powerful distortion of reality, that it gives guys complexes about size.

I mean, the thing that seems really odd and rare to me is that you had the opportunity to compare the erect dicks of 10 of your college buddies. I never saw another guys flaccid dick in college let alone ten hard ones. Now, granted I didn’t run with the crowd that gets blowjobs from strippers but I did live in dorms and go to parties (perhaps just not the right ones, eh?).

If you haven’t seen the thread already check out the Penis Size the True Average : Penis Size: The True Average

I suppose this might be a little odd to some, but we party quite a lot in the country, secluded, lot’s of hippie chicks and nudity. We’ve all seen everyone on several different occasions.

Originally Posted by marinera
That’s how statistics are build, after all. (:

Statistics say 90% of all people (+/- 2.45%) know that statistics is bullshit 50% of the time.
Besides, I knew this guy once who knew some chick who got pregnant after seeing a homeopath - so therefore homeopathy isn’t bullshit.

Anecdotes trump all. :D

Average is going to be skewed towards your own size with such small sample sizes. I think that’s why there’s so many here with large dicks thinking the “true average” is really larger.

Get a grip.

Originally Posted by beowulf

I don’t really know statistics…

… think that if the average was 6 inches, then for every 8 inch, there would have to be two 5 inch members…

As you don’t know statistics, your math is misleading! According to statistics, the size distribution is Gaussian. That means the average is very little influenced by extremes (big, or small), because extremes are very rare. The large majority of dicks is in the 5 - 7” range.

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There are a lot of reasons why you would think that. I often refrain that it seems like everyone is seven inches or more while I’m stuck at the supposed average of six. There are several reasons for that though. First is that larger guys tend to be the ones who don’t mind broadcasting their size. So when you start getting into the 7+ category they are more likely to be the subject of conversation if not bringing it up themselves. Likewise I think many smaller guys tend to just not be as sexually engaged promiscuously as well. This goes especially true for the really small guys. There is also the issue of measuring from the top or the bottom. My average dick of 6” measures out as a ‘legitimate’ 7” if measured from the bottom. Then there is the last issue that guys lie about their size. I’ve had more than a couple supposed-8” be smaller than mine.

Now, because I have spent far more time on this than I care to admit I spent some time trolling the statistics of the Manhunt site for the DC metro area. That was where I noticed that everyone seemed to be 7” or more than me. According to a size study by that condom company that makes custom fitted condoms DC is also one of the statistically largest cities in the country. So one very depressed and non-busy day I decided to look into if it was possible that all these guys that claim to be 7” or more on the site could be statistically possible. So, in the DC area there were 18,808 members at the time I did these stats. Of those 18,000+ members only 2679 reported a size at all. That’s just 14% of the membership. Already you can see how skewed the stats are going to be since not even 20% of the members would self report a size, assuming that no one was lying or mis-measuring. So of the 14% that reported what did I find?

First, the stats were a typical Gaussian distribution. That was unexpected to me because I thought that most people would lie in the same way so create a skewed probability curve. The average of that curve was about 7.4” with a standard deviation still of about 1”. So the average of self reported guys, only 14% of the membership for DC was 6.5-8.5 inches. Because the curve shape doesn’t look too bad it led me to believe that most guys probably aren’t lying it’s just most average and small guys aren’t reporting at all. Here is where it gets interesting. If you take the typical curve shape from the Lifestyle condom company survey (which has average *and* standard deviation) and apply it to the 18,808 members, can you get that many of each size as reported? I did it in half inch increments from 3” up to 12”. It turns out that there were statistically far more members in each bin than had reported except the 9”. Even the 8.5” category with 234 self-reported members statistically had up to 282 members. Even in the case of the 9” category we are talking about a difference of 124 self-reported and 94 possible.

I guess that’s the long-winded way of saying, it’s probably an issue of self reporting not that the actual statistics are towards larger guys. All that said I still don’t feel average…lol…but in all probability I am.

I agree with Keybord. Guys with a big cock will often tell about it and be proud to show it, guys with a small one will probably not. By the way, statistics say that more than 70% of the men measure between 5” and 6.5”. And yes, if you have a 9 inch dick, there will always be someone who is even bigger, and if you are a 4 incher there will always be someone who is smaller.

Originally Posted by beowulf
I think that the real average penis must be bigger than 6 inches. Why? I’m just thinking in terms of math. I don’t really know statistics, but I do know know there are a lot of really large dicks out there. I am talking about 8 inches and up. In fact, they don’t even seem that rare.

Lol (Lots of laughs).


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