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Question for the big gainers

Question for the big gainers

To all the big gainers, how has sex changed for you? I know that sex for your lady is different due to your size change, but what about you? I’ve noticed, even from my modest girth gains, my girl’s become much tighter, and it feels better when we do it. Unfortunately, I’m afraid if I keep gaining in girth, she might feel too good for me to control myself.

So, how about it? How has sex changed for you?

I would not consider myself “big”, but I have gained almost 1.25” erect length in 9 months. This last Saturday night, after a particularly vigorous romp, my wife said (completely unprompted) “I LOVE having sex with you!”.

The more I think about that, the more I want to keep this going.

"Debate the idea..."

If you only knew how many guys would give anything they have to hear the those words. Your a lucky man.

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My sex has gotten 100% better. I now have to work it in slowly before I could dive in that shit. When I go in she get out her big ” OWE” torch and I say ” Sorry” she says ” No problem it’s a good hurt”

Sex is better physically and psychologically

I think you should just work on holding in your pleasure or controlling it, so you feel good but you can last.

Thanks for the responses guys. Realutd7, I do practice SKF, and I get better with it all the time, so I’m hoping control won’t be a problem, but thanks for the advice.

Any others?

What’s sex?

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sex is ploughing at her real hard and rapid just to get her all wet bubbly . . . then taking time to just relax, sometime even stopping, to observe friction, fluidity, viscosity and warmth as you slowly alternate between low thrusting speeds. This is how a lot of men must love it but i guess most women just need you to brake their spine.


I got a question for the big gainers

What exercise can you use to get a bigger girth , I want to get a bigger girth more than a larger dick

Originally Posted by latingainer18
What exercise can you use to get a bigger girth , I want to get a bigger girth more than a larger dick

According to your join date, you are a newbie and newbies should do the newbie routine for at least 3 consistent months. Jelq at a high erection level (60-80%) to aim for girth.

When you aren’t a newbie anymore start Ulis, hoses and clamping.

MY routine is still basically jelqing. I do plump bends when my erection levels drop(It has been reported to give girth). Then i let go for some seconds and the erection starts hardening again and then i start jelqing and then stretching at the end of each stroke. I also leave an almost permanent clamp (hand)at the base. I think this probably account for the reason why there is an 0.3’ difference between my base and mid-shaft. But i think the clamp at base has probably done wonders in the area of definition(it easy to see the shaft as it leave my body, almost like a rod on tow eggs). i have probably gain 0.5 length form this as i hate stretching. In the area of girth, an 80% erection level jelqing routine works fine for me. Just keep working. The only thing your dick can do now is get bigger. Look out for after-workout-shrinkage and always slow down. Look out for prolonged-rest-shrinkage and always reload it. While working out, try to set minimum standards for erection level drops. keeping the dick working, expanding and engorging. leave it Little time for shrinkage during workouts is good for both length and girth. Try performing fast over-head jelqing once your penis tries to drop in erection level. Even slapping on your laps does magic once in a while. When the erection must just drop due to fatigue, then do plump bends and don’t wast that time which useful. By so doing you don’t wait for very low erection levels to plump bends, u just take the opportunity and use it. It’s less of a stress and more natural


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