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A Question for Fast Gainers

A Question for Fast Gainers

I was looking through the Data on this site and noticed some people make great gains in a relatively short time. (Within a couple of Months)

This brought up a question.
Are you guys developing huge stretch marks from your growth?
If not what have you been doing to prevent them?

I have noticed even though I seem to be gaining slowly I have developed small stretch marks at the base of my member. Due to the fact my gains have been slow the stretch marks are very small and hard to notice.

It seems to me if you were to make very fast gains your chances of developing very noticeable stretch marks would be more likely than if you were a slow gainer.

Just curious!

Hey good question, as I too have developed strecthing of the skin. I hope this is not sign I am doing my jelqs too hard or too fast a pace. I have been doing exercises for over a month now and when I am jelqing the gains are wonderful in lenght and girth BUT when I stop my dick simply goes back to past size and the skin is somewhat streched. Any one got ideas on this and how I can keep my size permanently????

I have gained close to an inch in about 6 months work, not too shaby. I started out with manual stretching and have now been hanging for the past 2 months. My skin is a lot more “loose” now and even now when I hang, I get some stretch marks and skin irritations on my shaft. It is kind of annoying because they seemed to get irritated quick and form blisters, especially when I do jelqing, squeezes, and horses for girth. For the blisters, I try to use Neosporin or such at night when I go to bed to help healing quick, but sometimes the marks look pretty bad…hehe. I know that I am not diseased or anything, but if someone saw it, they might think different. These are just some of the side effects with PE, but we know in the end, it’s for the better. If i know I’m going to be with a girl that night, I will either take it easy, take off from PE, or just make sure its really dark in the room before the events take place =)

As for retaining permanent growth, of course your penis look bigger and fuller while you jelq, you have increase the blood and “pumped” up its size. The key is consitentcy and gradually increasing the intensity of the work out, so they your penis will expand to those limits and stay there permanently. It takes time, but if you have the right frame of mind, you can accomplish it.

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