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Corpora Spongiosum: HELP!

Corpora Spongiosum: HELP!

I need some advice on what exercises I could use to enlargen my Corpora Spongiosum (the underside chamber, I think). At the moment, I’m performing wet jelqs, but the only thing it seems to be doing is enlargening the corpora cavernosa (the side chambers), resulting in a cock that appears wide from above, but flat from the side (hell, the damn thing looks a bit like a SONY remote control).

Any thoughts, gents?

erect bends - bending toward you.



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Hey Baracus

I dont know for sure but for me doing a lot of Kegels is making this area more pumped. But you must do them everyday. Do them also with erect penis lying on your back. Put a open book on your dick and lift it with flexing the PC muscle. These are just some suggestions. I hope it does help a little.


Hey Baracus

In addition to the previous posts(with which I agree) I find that as soon as I do some good intensity Horse’s, my CS is covered in red dots. Especially at the base of my CS where it often looks like a rash after a productive girth session. I think it’s because I bend my piece towards me slightly when sliding my free hand down over the head, like seanjacobs mentions above.
Also sometimes during ULI type holds I use my free hand to to slide the blood up the CS chamber towards the head using two fingers. Then I slightly loosen my grip at the base and kegel. I can both see and feel with my loosened grip that the CS has filled with new blood. Tighten your grip at the base and repeat sliding the blood up the chamber a few times. This gives me red dots near the top of my CS.

I think I have had some CS expansion over the past month so this may help you. All of these red dots are gone by the next day but I would recommend a good warm-up.

Good Luck

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There are some links in this thread that might help.

I think people have suggested this before in the forums.

When I do the wet jelqs with a U shaped hand by using my thumb and index finger, and sliding this U-shape along the top(my thumb) and bottom(index finger) of my penis, I have gained thickness in those corresponding places. When I use the OK sign, I don’t get this effect.

I especially gained more meat at the bottom. I believe the reason is because my index finger applies more pressure, and it might be naturally easier to gain thickness at the bottom.

I appreciate the insight, guys- Thanks.

All the techniques sound practical and useful, but I have to admit that Cheatah’s method sounds by far the easiest! By simply modifying the position of my fingers during wet jelqs, I’ll be able to get a lot more reps in during my time dedicated to jelquing (for all you manufacturing men out there: the set-up time sounds very low, thus higher productivity!).

Westla: Thanks for the link- interesting views and routines- I’ll just take the easiest for now, since I’m concentrating more on length at this stage of my PE career (although girth also reamins farily important, but will become more of an issue once my short term length goals are reached).

Thanks again lads


When you wake with morning glory (morning wood), or indeed anytime you have an erection when PE’ing try this:

Stand up and place the palm of your dominant hand over your glans. Push down with palm. If your erections stand upright for instance push down till your cock is parallel with the floor.

Hold it there for 15 seconds while kegelling all the time, then remove palm and let it spring back up and stop kegelling. Do this for as many sets as you can fit in before wood subsides.

You can also place a damp towel over cock to replace palm as a hands free option - after a shower for instance while you are shaving perhaps?

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Try tornique grip jelqing, it works the top and bottom a lot better for me. The index finger is in the position to push against the bottom when gripping, instead of on the side. The top side will be wedged between the apex of the gap between the thumb and index finger nicely. Try it.

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Interesting technique Citizen245- I’ll try it before my jelquing session tommorrow. Unfortunately, Morning Woodies are few and far between, so I’ll just have to rely on Heidi (Klum) and the girls to help me out.


I’ve been trying to perform this technique along with normal wet jelqs, and it either happens or not- what I mean to say is that even if I use the grip you specified, sometimes I’ll feel the pressure in the CS, sometimes I won’t. It’s a lot like trial and error- somtimes you’ll feel the pressure, sometimes you won’t i.e. you’ll feel it more in the CC. But thanks anyway!


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