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pubic hair on the shaft

Originally Posted by 707tractatus
I just noticed this thread today. I have noticed pubic hair on my shaft where it was not there before, which is about .25” and that coheres with the length gain I have experienced since starting PE.

Like a-unit said it’s common. To offer something different, you could think about incorporating some stretching of the shaft skin to hopefully let that hair recede to its original position.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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For what it’s worth, I’m experimenting with a Tria Laser hair removal device - doing a session every 2 weeks on the hairs on my shaft. I’ll know in a couple of months if it’s permanent, but seems to be maybe working. Will report back. I got so tired of plucking hairs every couple of weeks, so finally took the plunge and bought this device - will be great to be hair free on the shaft if it works!

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I completely agree with this, I’ve gained a LOT of length since starting and noticed more hair also.. I noticed after shaving it makes your penis look even bigger than you expect so highly recommend shaving when you can. After shaving I also find jelging seems much much more beneficial leading to even more gains.

If that’s not enough to convince you then - nearly every women I’ve been with has said they absolutely love when I’ve shaved because it makes me look way bigger and better. It also means they can give blowjobs better so it’s a no brainer to keep tidy haha.

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What if my entire body is covered with gorilla hair, it looks weird to only shave my pubes.

I have a fair amount of hair climbing the shaft, with any luck it will go even higher. I shave it regularly, along with my balls. I just assume it’s due to progress, I have no issues with taking a razor to it every other day or so.

Originally Posted by realslimshady
What if my entire body is covered with gorilla hair, it looks weird to only shave my pubes.

I’m not a barber, but it sounds like a good blend/fade technique might be a way to go.

I have a few randomly place pubic hairs on the back of my shaft like 1-2 inches down from the head, so rather high up on the shaft. It’s annoying, but I just shave them when they grow.


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