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pubic hair on the shaft

pubic hair on the shaft

Hi there

Just one quick question. I noticed some pubic hair on the shaft on my penis. This is some new stuff. Is PE causing this hair to grow. What should I do.


shave……your dick is growing and pulling your hair line up with it.

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Yeah, it is pretty common to have that. Just shave it but be careful! LOL. If it is higher up like in the middle of the shaft I wouldn’t shave, I would get nail clipper and be very careful.

A nail clipper! I hope you don’t have a nervous condition.

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I noticed the same thing after about a month of PE. I started shaving with no problems such as ingrowns or irritation. I noticed that shaving a small area around the base also helps the appearance of size.

i dont know people are so scared/uneasy about shaving. FOr a few years know i get my trusty ‘mach 3’ shaver and have no problems removing everything off. And i mean everything, and i have never cut myself once apart from a few small nicks every now and then.

same here bro, mach 3 all the way!



Thanks guys. I think I am gonna visit the barber lol.
Thanks again I know the cause now and I will shave it.
Keep active.


Never mind the shaving...

Get a set of tweasers. One hair at a time and in 30 minutes you’ll be smooth as a baby’s bottom for weeks. And no stubble….

See Ya,


Yeah, it really sucks to get a bigger penis. Tweeze if you have time, shave if you’re in a rush. If I had dark hair, I’d get it lasered.


man…. I have pulled a couple nose hairs before but its gotta be killer to pull dick hair…


Pulling nose hairs makes me sneeze. Dick hairs are much less trouble than that. It seems worse the first time you do it.

Pulling nose hairs makes my eyes water soooo bad, wonder what my dick would do… lol


I just recently started shaving my shaft. I had been trimming it with scissors, but finally got brave enough to get the razor near my package. It looked bigger after doing the inch of shaft with hair on it, so I kept going. The end result was a completely bare pubic region all the way up to my belt line! I couldn’t bring myself to shave my balls as that was just way too dicey with all the loose skin. I’m going to let it all grow back, keeping just the shaft shaved and a tight cut on the rest. It is much easier to clean up after doing business with the hairless setup, though. And no hair pulling when using a condom either. PE seems to be much easier also without hair. I just think that me being shaved would be too much shock for my women. I know when I see a hairless girl, I think she gets around.

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