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pubic hair on the shaft

My hairless girl is only hairless for me. She always shaves the day of fucking if she knows its coming up.


You guys can try the Seiko Cleancut Shaver if you’re interested in pubic grooming.

Hi everyone, be sure to check out J Meister’s thread on the subject. Mushroom also recommends the Seiko Cleancut Shaver that shonen mentioned. I’m thinking about ordering one.

Plucking is the only way to go.

xeoph…didn’t mean to offend. Next steady relationship I have I want to have both of us shaved clean. It’s just that now the vast majority of women I’m with, we are viewing each other’s pubes for the first time. That first impression is a big thing. It’s funny I just got back from the nudie bar and this chick pulled my unit out during one of her lapdances. She saw I was shaved and said “Ooo..I like it when guys do that.” Later she says, “You have such a pretty dick.” I say thanks. Of course I was hoping she would say I was huge, but that would have been an obvious lie. At least she didn’t say that my penis had a really great personality….lol.

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You didn’t offend me Peter, I just like to talk like that cause I dont like to think my girl has been around lol… she has told me how many partners she has had and how many times she has had sexual encounters (bj’s, muff dives, ect.) and I would hate to multiply by three to get the correct answer. It seems to mean soo much more to me than it does her because she is my first and hopefully only.


Peter Built,
Liked your nudie bar story. Did the dancer actually unzip your trou and pull out your unit? It sounds like you would have to have gone commando to the club for her to actually see that you were shaved. Sounds like Texas is out of step with the rest of the country when it comes to clamping down on sexually oriented businesses. My city outlawed all nude dancing (previously legal in non-alcoholic clubs) about two years ago, after the Supreme Court ruling on a strip club (I think it was in Pennsylvania). Now, only pasties and g-strings are allowed in any club of that nature in my state. (Touching never was allowed). Is exposure on the part of the customer technically illegal in Texas? Does this happen often? I went to a strip club in Austin about ten years ago, I recall it being topless only.

Seems like laws on strip clubs are being tightened everywhere. I was in Boston recently and went to Centerfolds. The law there still allows all nude dancing; however, there is a distance rule and a no touch rule when the dancer is naked. They allow private dances; however, the no touch rule applies when the dancer is disrobed. One particularly quirky part of the law is that the dancer is not allowed to touch the tips (dollar bills) while on stage. At the end of each song, the bouncer picks up/sweeps up all the tips and puts them in a pot for the dancer kept on the back corner of the stage. This place was all tease and no please, no matter how much you spent. One nice thing was that all bars and restaurants in Boston are smoke-free and this place was no exception. I was told that the locals in Boston all go to Providence, Rhode Island for the real action; I didn’t have a rental car to make the 45-minute drive so I didn’t go.

Thanks for referencing my thread. I’m still doing my Ultimate Pubic Hair Gromming routine and I continue to refine it. I’m now getting away from plucking my shaft because I now run the Seiko Cleancut shaver up and down the shaft to take care of any emerging hairs. I also use it around the base of the shaft and the pesky upper part of the scrotum where hairs sprout instantly. I’m amazed how much more comfortable the Cleancut is to use than a razor. I love have perfectly groomed pubic hair at all times.

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A good and effective way is by sugaring, kind of like waxing but more natural (less chemicals involed). It might hurt but some girls told me that when they do it they use a tooth ache pain releiver spray to knumb the area and ease off the pain, I dont know if that is safe or not.

Tweezers for the shaft and Mach III for the rest is what works well for me. I even use the Mach III for the scrotum and it works fine, however, I take it very careful as I shave those bad boys. When I first started shaving I thought I would be cheap and just use my wife’s twin blade razor, what a mistake that was. I also use my wife’s shave gel with the Mach III and that helps a whole lot.

Wait a minute. Be happy. You are getting hair starting up the shaft of your Johnson because PE works. Your getting bigger, longer. Shaving, I think, is a very fair trade for a bigger cock. I shave all the time and it’s quick and easy. If I could gain enough, I would happily shave from my ass to my glans. LOL

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Don’t worry, It’s natural for a bit of pubic hair to grow on the shaft. Just ignore it or shave it!

Originally Posted by mattlapp
Hi there

Just one quick question. I noticed some pubic hair on the shaft on my penis. This is some new stuff. Is PE causing this hair to grow. What should I do.


If it started to appear after PE, then it’s possible that jelqing could have caused the hairs on your shaft. If the lubricant you use to jelq isn’t good enough, it’s possible that you’re pulling the skin on the penis upwards, which would in turn cause the pubic hair on your shaft.

My advise is to invest in a better lubricant so the hair problem won’t get any worse.

Better watch out. Hair on your shaft is the least of your problems. Start stretching your shaft skin so you don’t develop a turkey neck.

Don't SHAVE— unless you enjoy ingrown hairs on your dick.

Pluck or trim [not too closely though] if you don’t like a hairy cock— but take it from a guy that gets ingrowns if I even trim too close— don't shave.

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