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pressure direct on the ligs

pressure direct on the ligs

Ok, I am trying to do a new kind of lig’s work:
(sorry for English as usual)

I get a grip in the middle of the penis and pull it
in front of me; in this way the ligs at the base
come out and they are very visible;
after I use the other hand, the fingers,
to press directly on this ligs. Many reps.
I have tried a couple of times, and seems good.
Only …for sharing with the family.


I have done similar excercises, remember to target all of the ligaments in all angles!

When you say that the ligs at the base come out and are very visible, do you mean right at the base, just on top of your penis where it meets the pubic bone or actually along the penis can you feel the bundles of “ropes”?

Also, could you please tell me your LOT.

Thanks and good luck!

right at the base, just on top of th penis where it meets the pubic bone.
I take a grip in the middle of the shaft or something like that…
I dont use too much pressure, but when I do this, the ligs are very
exposed at the base, so I can press on them with my fingers.

Sorry I am a little confused about my LOT
hey Andrews669, nice gains you have made!
Near to 2 inches in one year!
Tell us something about!

For me: I gained 1 and 1/4 in two years.
Now is very difficult to go on, but I believe
I will gain again…only a matter of time.


Sounds like you’re doing a kind of V-stretch. I do nearly the same thing expect I still grip just under the head. I also varying the pressure along the shaft. Though pressure at the base seems to elicit the most effect. I’m still new, so I don’t know how effective this stretch will be. Maybe some of the more experienced PE’ers will chime in.

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