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PJing advice

PJing advice

I’ve been Pjing a month or so, when I first started, I got real big,
I think I put too much effort, for just starting, now I don’t get very big, Well what was important I’d stay big then.
I was thinking would it be better to take a week or two off and say just do no more than 20 minutes to 25 minute 2 days on and 1 off.
Because I believe, is durring the night time erections you grow, if you’ve been getting good jelking sessions in.


more power jelq advice

1. stop an inch before the glans on each stroke
2. ignore the info on the pj site about finishing a stroke by holding for 3 seconds at the glans (to create mushroom head).
3. Don’t squeeze too hard
4. Always do manual jelqing afterwards, concentrating on the sides.

or maybe consider just doing manual jelqing.


I’m curious why you say you shouldn’t stop for 3seconds. I’ve been trying to get a mushroom head/glans without any luck. My base is still bigger. Thanks I look forward to your input.

You shouldn’t stop for 3 seconds ‘cause thats a 3 second crush of the nerve bundle at the end of the dorsal nerve. If using the device ‘normaly’ is prone to induce nerve damage and hence numbness, then doing this is going to help that damage along nicely.

If you want a mushroom head do sadsaks or uli’s.

If using the power jelq makes you feel numb, think its a good bet to switch to jelqing by hand.

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