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Phat Girth Gain!! Phat Girth Gain!!!!!!!!!!!

Phat Girth Gain!! Phat Girth Gain!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not believe it. If I sound like I’m bragging, sorry, for my gains are few and far between..

After a week doing those “horse” squeezes, I noticed something nice this afternoon.

While masturbating (maybe Sunny got in there, tee hee), I noticed my dick seemed swollen
like jelquing or squeezes. I had been working it at random hard the past few days.

It was just a regular erection, and not even a max level IV at that, and I went and got the string and
WOW!!!!! No viagra, though I did down 8 grams of Arginine and 500 mg. of Niacin. This was a natural
size erection, and I have found my routine. Now, just sit back and get past the 7 inch midshaft
mark, hopefullyt, 7 1/2 by next fall.

One quarter inch MID SHAFT girth growth. For real. At mid shaft , the string clearly read 6 3/4 inches
around each time. Consistent. It was a tad over 8 inches at the base, so that was about the same.

Then, one and one half inches above the base, I was seven inches around.

I am ecstatic guys. I am honing in on a real legit, anytime boner seven incher.

It looks fatter and feels very very heavy.

My foreskin is not even big enought to take this. That is a problem because it gets sore and tender
when I get this thick. I might see a urologist to see if he can surgically increase my foreskin
cover hole……mine is small and tight.

Man alive do those horse444 things work, for me anyway. Gawd.

Take that Gorf. NO, I’m not going to post picture proof. I have another quarter inch to go.

According to Bib’s experienc e, I am straightening the “taper” out down the shaft to conform to the
general girth proportions. No pumps, no jelq, just me now.

This could be some gains not quite cemented yet, but I’m getting there to cucumber city.

Ain’t’ this grand. All this time and the gain came lightening fast. I don’t feel I’m near my max yet.

i have strictly been doing uli things my special way and have noticed this the ultimate girth proportion routine! i get exstremly sore( not hurt) midshaft to my balls and when i put a tape measure around i get a very even 6 inches down the entire shaft. im 6 just behind the head and get thinner as i go down, i really dont think ill gain size behind the head until im evened out,wich is great! so on that note more pe people should try and find a routine for optimal even growth right from the start.

my grueling routine also hasd me hanging in my tracman tube 3 to 4 hrs a day usually! im also gonna add overnight traction wrapping to my routine wich will put me pe ing almost all day and night!

i started at around 7/1/4 by 5 bp

cyber~ currently 8/1/4 by 6 i wont measure till september wich will be 6 solid intense months since restarting my routine!

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you are already a well hung stud, in the top one perent of all men.

Line up a thousand men, and there will be only a handful with what you have.

Think about that a moment, just a handful. You are a man..

yes, but having a circus cock has been a fetish of mine since i was a teenager! im hopeing to one day hit at least 7 down my entire shaft then reavaluate things and see if i can fit it in anyone before surging ahead. i think genital enhancement becomes a addiction, i really do!

phat what differences do you notice takeing niacin and do u get the same results with niacinamide?



niacin by itself does little for erections, but in large doses with Arginine, it helps me get rock

Niacin is a great HgH secretagogue.

Dunno about the niacinamide…..sorry

string vs. tape

One thing I notice with a string I’m .2 ” thicker.

It seems the thickness of the string( no matter how thin) adds percieved girth gains.

Anyone else notice this?


compared to what? tape measure?

The string is the ONLY way to accurately measure girth, and yes, the pattern you pointed out is common.

I wouldn’t worry over an incorrect technique that understates your size

huh ?

Phat9 —

The string overstated size not the tape….

I thought the tape was an accurate size while the string will give me a measurement .2 bigger reading..

Maybe the 32.5 pds I’m hanging off my pecker is throwing off my concentration…

Have a good one!

wow 32.5 pounds , im going to 15 next week! going to jump bi weekly as needed! who has the record, bib at around 50 or some else?

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