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I would be happy if I could gain girth

I would be happy if I could gain girth

Hey, I’ve posted on here before. I think my thing is really small. It’s ok in length, about 5 3/4”, but in girth it’s exactly 4”. Ideally, I’d like to be 7.5 in. In length and 5- 5.5 in in girth, which I don’t think is asking too much. In fact, my goals are some people’s starting measurements. I’m not after a really huge one, I want to be just a medium or so, something that’s pleasing to the eye and other places. But I really want to focus on girth. I’ve been jelqing consistently for about 3 weeks now. My routine consists of the standard 5 min wrap, the stretching, 450 strokes, wrap again, more stretching, and 50 kegel things. I plan on only doing jelqing and different variations of it. So, am I doing this right. Will standard jelqing bring girth as well as length? I’ve read that when it’s closer to an erection, girth gains come through more, and when the erection level is lower, length comes more. When I do it, the erection level tends to change throughout. Is that ok? Basically, I’m just looking for some critique on what I’m doing, whether or not my goals are possible, and possibly advice on what you think I should do to attain my goals.

Your routine seems fine for now. Just keep your current routine for the next few months. After that your penis should be conditioned enough to start clamping. If clamping scares you try horses squeezes and jelqing at higher erection levels about 80%. I myself like dry jelqing up to 300 strokes a day.But the main idea is just to stay consistant.

After newbie routine for 3month, try clamping and dry jelqing.

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