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Permanent gains?

Permanent gains?

I wanted to open a discussion about permanent gains. I know I have read many different theories at Thunder’s Place, but I wanted some input from the more experienced veterans. Let’s say one does gain some size, using techniques that work for them, either jelqing, pumping, hanging, stretching, using devices. If one does gain more size, meaning more mass, wouldn’t it be fair to say that cells have multiplied, whether they be smooth muscle cells, skin cells, tunica cells, whatever. So when one stops pe, then why do size gains start to disappear. Do these cells just die off? It doesn’t make sense. If we look at the rubber band theory, where our ligs stretch out like a rubber band, then why would it return to it’s natural shape after being stretched for so long? If you take a rubber band and stretch it, eventually it will lose it’s natural shape and stay stretched and loose. It does not go back to it’s original shape. It leads me to believe that pe is a life long process. Anyway, I just wanted to get some input from the more experienced members here.

Totally agree, Inad, if you have really grown your dick it will not shrink back to its previous size. Those real, permanent gains take time ( in my opinion say 0.5” per year ) the other temporary gains can occur in a short period but can also disappear in a short period.

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It’s also very possible that the cells have just grown larger, and without the stress of hanging, jelqing etc. they shrink back towards their original size. Same as how muscle cells increase in size with weight training, but quickly shrink back after you stop.

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