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Penis piercing question


Penis piercing question

Ok, I’ve read a lot about the different piercings and nothing I’ve read covered the sensitivity (or lack thereof) on the frenulum after. Initially, I was looking into the Prince Albert. Intuitively, though, it doesn’t make as much sense because the barbell ends up rubbing on the other side of the g-spot (unless doing it doggy). I then read up on the apadravya which at first seems to make more sense. Big drawback though seems to be three-fold. Much longer healing time, much more pain, and the frenulum still gets poked through.

What I’d like to know is if the frenulum really gets mangled. I love my frenulum. I think it’s far more sensitive than any other part of my dick.

Second question is the reverse Prince Albert seems to be one of the more practical ones. Short healing time, g-spot location, and leaves the frenulum alone. Am I right on my assumptions?

If I’m missing something I’d like to know as well.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and one more question… What is it like peeing?

Usually, the Prince Albert is done just to the side of the frenulum, and not through it. The sensitivity is greatly increased after the piercing in the frenulum area.

In my experience, the piercing was nearly painless. I though the piercer was still doing the “set-up” for the piercing, when he told me he was through (I was lying on my back and was not watching, which I now regret…might have been pretty cool to see).

Healing time is very rapid, as there is not much skin that has been pierced, compared to the reverse PA or other piercing that go completely through the glans. I would imagine the pain from those other piercings would be tremendous, as well.

Bot much bleeding from a PA…a few dribbles the first day, and that’s about it. Sex, with caution, is possible within a few days (avoid exchange of bodily fluids into the “wound” for a few weeks).

Peeing can be a problem until you develop a new technique to deal with the spray, splattering, or dribbling that can take place. I have found that rotating the penis 180 degreen, to put the ring (frenulum) on top, and then pulling upwards on the ring, completely eliminates the problem. Another solution is to sit on the toilet, which is not always an option.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, groan. How long a wait before I can resume PE?

I had the same experience as groan_man. My piercing was totally painless, maybe because I had always enjoyed playing with sounds, those steel rods you insert into your urethra. My piercer recommended going with the largest reasonable gauge for faster healing time. I started with a 6 ga and healed in 3 weeks. Two months later I increased to 4 ga then another two months I went to 2 ga, which looks and feels great.

At first pissing was easy. I would tug forward a little on the ring and the flow would go forward. Later, as the hole has stretched, the piss tends to go down as well as forward so I do what groan suggested. As much as I love pissing at a urinal or trough I now tend to sit most of the time. For me it is no problem.

I love the weight and look of the ring. I do remove it if I want a vigorous hand job, otherwise the weight of the hardware can bruise the tip of my cock.

I wanted this for over 25 years before I did it and have no regrets. My nips are next but they take a couple months to heal, and maybe a guiche. I can’t answer about the apadravya since I never wanted that piercing, or the g-spot since I’m gay.

I say go ahead and give it a try. Make sure you go to a reputable piercing studio with immaculate cleanliness and sterility. Be relaxed. Tell the piercer everything that concerns you, especially your concern about your frenulum. The piercing hole always go to one side or another of the frenulum.

I started PE after the piercing but, when I stepped up to 2 ga (about 1/4” diameter piercing), it took another 2 weeks to heal. I would suggest no PE until at least 4 weeks after your piercing. When I jelq with the ring in place everything swells and the ring becomes very tight. If I remove the ring before a session the swelling closes the piercing hole. I have to wait a while before re-inserting the ring. However, you should only remove piercing hardware after you are really totally healed. Otherwise you might have to return to the piercer to stretch your piercing again.

Lastly, if you find you don’t like having a PA you can remove it and the hole will eventually close. Go for it.

Thanks for the answers, tomarctus. I’m not sure about the whole not peeing standing up thing. I work in a busy office building and see a lot of the same people going in and out. I don’t want to be known as the guy who can’t pee standing up in the office.

So many more questions…

How about flaccid length? I’m not thinking of doing the PA for any PE benefits, but I’m also wondering if the weight (what little there is) has any effect on flaccid length.

Here’s another one: I wear a ballzinger. Any ideas on turning a PA barbell into a 1/2 copper, 1/2 zinc barbell? Might there be any benefits?

This may be a sign that I’m thinking more and more towards doing it, I’m getting more and more curious.

I would wait three weeks or so before starting back doing light jelquing. Your dick will tell you if it’s too soon. Starting too soon could cause some bleeding at the piercing and that could set back your healing time.

After you get your piercing, it’s hard to keep your hands off your dick. The night I got mine, I came home and hung some light fishing weights off the ring, just to see how that felt. Felt wonderful, actually. Very bad idea. Very sore dick the next day with a bit of bleeding.

Copper or zinc as a PA ring would be very risky. You’re probably asking for a serious allergic reaction to those metals.

PA rings are usually ONLY surgical steel, gold or nobedium (sp?), the latter being a non-metallic acrylic/plastic type compound.

The weight probably would have little impact on your flaccid length initially, until you have worked up to the 2 gauge and 0 gauge sizes. It feels good, that’s for sure.

Until your body gets used to the PA ring it will be pretty arousing most all the time clanking around in your shorts (boxers are great fun). After awhile, it becomes less noticeable to you, much like wearing a watch or a ring on your finger…you forget that it’s there and don’t feel it.

About pissing at the office: Using the toilet to sit while pissing may earn you a certain kind of label, but using a urinal may allow someone else to see your ring and you may earn still another label (not necessarily a bad thing).

Keep the questions coming…


Wow, thank you thank you thank you!

Ok, I think this is the last one…

A couple of years ago I got one of those STD tests where they stick something in your urethra hole. The pain from that is still etched in my memory. I think one of the big reasons it hurt so much was that my urethra hole is tiny. Should I stretch it out first before the piercing??

I wouldn’t stretch first. They insert a very slim rod into the urethra as a “back stop” for when the piercing needle is inserted from the outside/underside. They lube the rod well, and it should not be a problem.

Mention the urethra situation to the piercer before you get started, and he’ll be able to explain it to you and hear your concerns.

Also ask the piercer how many of these types of piercings he’s done. Try to find one with a good amount of experience, just to be sure he knows what he’s doing. The instruments he uses should be sterilized. During perparation, watch how he opens the sealed packet, and he certainly should be wearing latex gloves.

The Prince Albert is a fairly common piercing (the most popular, I have read).

Good luck,


Thanks for all the info! My wife and I are getting a his and hers done (vertical hood for hers), so we’re psyched.

Very good info here. I have been planning on getting a Prince for some time now, but I put it off due to a new relationship in my life. Also I did not want to stop PE’ing for the healing time PE is more important to me at this time. Since it sounds like I could get back to basic PE’ing not too long after the piercing and since the relationship has slowed down after a heated start I think I am going to get my piercing done maybe for an early birthday token for myself.

Anyone found any major problems with having a prince and PE’ing?

Thanks for the info in this thread.

I am not trying to be insulting in the least, just curious, but what is the motivation behind getting your penis pierced?

One small addendum: After the piercing, the piercer put a small amount of gauze over the end of your dick, and then remove one glove, and turn it inside out over your entire cock and balls, and secure the whole thing with a rubber band. That’s to prevent any bleeding from getting on your shorts or pants.

Having said that, I’re probably a good idea to urinate just before the piercing so you won’t have to worry about emptying a full bladder until you get home. (see note on initial pissing, below).

You’ll probably get a sheet on aftercare from the piercer, but just in case, they recommend sea-salt soaks for the first few days after the piercing to help speed the healing. Fill a small glass or cup with lukewarm salt water, a drop your glans into it for 30-60 seconds a few times during the day.

In addition, pissing can be a bit painful (stinging) the first few times, as the urine flows past the piercing. Use the same technique (above) as soaking, when urinating. Pee into the warm water with your glans submerged, and let the urine flow over the lip of the cup/glass into the toilet. Problem solved.

There will probably be no stinging by the second day.

Be sure and post some photos on here showing your new hardware…


Muttley, How cool both you and your wife are getting pierced at the same time!

Don’t stress out about pain. You can’t be totally relaxed the first time, anyway, because it’s so fun and exciting. Remember, tell your piercer all your concerns. It really only takes a fraction of a second. Have your wife hold your hand during the procedure, maybe. I did that for a friend many years ago to help keep him calm.

One more thing, you will have to soak in a dilute saline solution twice a day throughout the healing. I bought a gallon of distilled water and added 4 tsp salt (no more than that). The salt was provided by my piercing salon. I would fill a paper cup the dip my cock in for 3 minutes, clean the “crusties” off with a q-tip, then soak for 2 more minutes. Once in the am and once in the pm. This is important to aid healing.

I felt more comfortable that my piercer was a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, a piercing safety group, but maybe it doesn’t really matter all that much.

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