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Penis piercing question


Photos? Uhh…hmm, I hadn’t thought of that. But, thanks for the advice!!

Anyway, jm, the reasons:

1) Curiosity.

2) I heard it enhances the pleasure for the female. In a way, I want to ruin other men for my wife in case there are ever other men. (evil grin)… sort of the same reason I PE; I *want* to be that biggest guy she’s had in her experience. Sadly, I’m not.

3) I want an excuse to wave my dick around. Heheh, not really. Ok, really. (I want to hear women jealously pointing at my wife)

4) The wife’s getting one and we can’t get busy for about a week, so what better a time?

5) It’s so taboo.

6) I heard it enhances the pleasure for the male.

7) In a weird way, it looks exotic.

8) I wanted a tattoo for the longest time, I got one. No big deal. Now my piercing, even if it doesn’t work out, will; i) heal shut if I don’t put the ring back in, and ii) Will be a small badge of honor for myself knowing that I did it.

…if I think of anymore, I’ll post that too.

Cool, I guess I just get a little shock and awe syndrome when I think about things such as stretching out my urethra.


The reason why I want to get pierced is because I have been into and around piercings all my life. A few members of my family that I have been close to most my young life has tattoos and piercings and I mean a lot. When I was younger (about 10-15 years ago) I was visiting my uncle and was flipping through his Gauntlet Catalog (Damn I wish they where still around) and came to the genital piercing section and my jaw dropped when I saw my first prince and went damn I want that. Never got it but still wanted one.

Since I am doing things I have been wanting to do all my life IE Bigger dick (thanks Thunders) and a few new piercings just got my right ear pierced, I wear CBRs(captive bead rings) in both ears just my left ear is standard fair lobe piercing with my right ear is a Daith piercing with a small dia. CBR.

Since I am getting more holes in me and saw this thread it peaked my interests again in getting my prince as I said above.

Also as some has said above I heard the hype that it increases pleasure for the man and damn that would be mind blowing. So once I get the extra cash off to find a good piercer.

Hope we did not scare off any of the mundanes.


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