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A question about stretched flaccid penis

A question about stretched flaccid penis

I’ve been measureing my flaccid penis stretched because I think it’s more accurate than when the penis is erected. My regular flaccid stretch measurement without doing any stretching exercises is at 7 1/8”. When I’m doing my DLD blasters I take a quick measurement of my penis and its on 7 3/8”. After 1 minute of non stretching it goes back to 7 1/8”. I’ve been experimenting with this for 4 weeks and I still haven’t gained. I thought by now it would be 7 3/8”. Does it take a long time for the ligs to grow?

Hello anyone else have the same problem with flaccid penis as I do? :confused:

My stretched flaccid length stay about 1/4 inch longer than erect length. As my bpfsl increases so does my bpel. as far as how measuring after a workout, i have never done that. I always measure 24 hrs, after last PE session.

********** I dont make my dick grow, I give it the stimulus, then ask it to. What dont kill ya, only makes ya stronger


I’m not sure what these differential measurements mean, but I’m running with a 1/2 ” difference. IE. 7- 6 3/4- 6 1/2. You seem to be running a 1/4 ” difference.

I’d like to believe that I can grow into the max stretch of 7”.

Perhaps as the differential decreases, I will be approaching the (End Of My Rope) so to speak…..

I’d like to hear from the more experienced members.

Mike2002 I think you are right where you are supposed to be. For myself flaccid stretch gains take a bit of time to convert to erect gains. Over time I always yield these gains in erect length it just takes time.

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