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Penis gets cold when stretching

Penis gets cold when stretching

After about 10-15 minutes of good stretching, I notice my whole penis gets cold and actrually shrivels between sets. I realize this is due to blood flow restriction, but is it normal and okay? I can’t even get a good FSL measurement at the end of my workouts because it gets too shriveled.

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I guess I’m wondering if this happens to anyone else.

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Not me dude…Thats weird. Do you warm up your dick before stretching??


Originally Posted by soflsun
I realize this is due to blood flow restriction, but is it normal and okay?

No. Manual stretching shouldn’t effect blood flow at all. I think, with your thrombosis and other problems, that you have circulatory troubles anyway and PE is aggravating them. Have you been to a doctor yet?

No, I haven’t been to a doctor yet. I still don’t jelq though, just manual stretching. Everything seems to be working fine, erections, etc. I thought that after a good stretching session it was normal for the penis to shrivel in response to the physical stress that had been placed on it. Within a half hour it usually relaxes and starts to hang again. Is this really that abnormal? My penis is usually colder than normal when it is shriveled.

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My flaccid tends to be longer after stretching, but I guess each guy is different. It doesn’t seem normal to me that your dick would shrink and get cold after manual stretches. You should consider getting it checked out.

I’ve noticed that the head of my penis gets cold after doing a 20 minute stretch or hang using the bib hanger.. This only happens to the head which also turns a darker color… You are saying that the whole shaft gets cold?


If I manual stretch long enough and hard enough, my penis finally gets completely flaccid. It gets thinner than normal and a little colder. Once it gets to this condition, I make sure to let go every 3 minutes or so and get some blood flow back before continuing. At the end, I whack it around a bit to get a full erection to restore blood flow.

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Yeah, the whole penis and even sometimes the balls get cold. Like I said, after about 30 minutes and some BC flexes everything is usually back to normal. Maybe I notice this more since I do not jelq after stretching as many people do.

Thanks for the imput westla & bigknob.

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