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PE - while sleeping

PE - while sleeping

Is there anything wrong with doing PE exercises while laying the bed? The only thing I can think of is the gravity and blood floor, if I was standing blood will come down to my penis, while I am laying on the bed; not as much will come? Has anyone tried this and gotten sufficient growth?

Just about the best PE you can do in bed is get a good nights sleep with lots of nocturnal erections. That’s natures way to revitalize your penis.

What about jelqing in bed? Is there any negative side effect or any reduction in possible growth gain?

If that is a comfortable place for you to jelq then go right ahead. There shouldn’t be any negative consequences other then lube stains on your sheets. :)

Bed seems like perfect place and time to do bends. Not sleeping of course

It would be awesome if you could Jelq and sleep at the same time.

Then you wake up with an 8 inch the next morning ;)

Thanks guy for clearing that one up for me.

Shit, I should go to sleep I gotta get up in 5 hours (I need my night wood!).

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Originally Posted by ManhattanXL
It would be awesome if you could Jelq and sleep at the same time.

There must be some form of safe passive PE that could be done while sleeping.

So much time just begging to be utilized some how…

Originally Posted by keybord
Bed fowfers.

That seems to be the exercise done the most by people who PE during sleep.

It also seems somewhat safe.

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