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PE equipment in Sweden?

PE equipment in Sweden?

I know there has been threads about PE equipment in Europe and from Internet ordering, but since I prefer to buy things in stores and there seems to be quite a few Swedes around I wonder if anyone know where to find e.g cable clamps and TheraP (Homedics) Wrist Wraps in Sweden?

I have not been able to find anything remotely similar.

Cable clamps - nothing except in Biltema’s paper catalog (but not on the net), in the “hem” section there are some semi-flimsy looking bagclosers that resemble a cableclamp.

Rechargable heat packs - Fjällräven’s version can be bought at Naturkompaniet (in Stockholm).

Gripper pads - found nothing useful. I have not looked for Faber-Castell’s large erasers (mega large) that were suggested in an old thread.

Wrist wraps - At apoteket they have some stuff, but the wrist wrap is too wide and bulky. Probably a good wrist wrap though. All other elbow and wrist stuff I have seen (Rehband et al) is reinforced with buckles and braces.


Thanks mgus.
I bought a het pad at Clas Ohlsson. Worked fine as long as I used warm-ups.

Places to look for cable clamps might be Bauhaus, K-Rauta?

What stores carry alternative medicin equipment?


As far as I know, only a hälsokostaffär; in some cities there are stores that specialize in foot insoles etc - they might carry various equipment. I went in to my local hälsokostaffär and asked for magnetic bracelets, but they only had some uglyass stiff band.

I searched the net for clamps and came up with nothing; not ELFA, not Clas Ohlson, not google-searches - nothing.

I did find a wrist wrap of neoprene on a net-company, but they were going to stop carrying it, and besides it was only over the net.

One thought I had for gripper pads was the rubber replacement pads for brake/gas pedals (20 kr at, but I don’t know if they are too soft.

I haven’t been able to come up with any other good ideas - yet - of equipment that could be converted for PE uses. Then again, I haven’t been to Bauhaus or K-Rauta yet.


Anybody find soft/rigid furniture pads of plastic (gripper pads) with adhesive backing in Sweden?

regards, mgus

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