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PE and marijuana


PE and marijuana

Just had sex for the first time stoned this past weekend, and I must say that I have never had an erection that hard! My girlfriend was shocked. I swear it felt like I had overdosed on Viagra. She knows I PE, and she said “Have you been doing those exercises lately? It is so big I can’t fit it into my mouth..” I just told her to suck on the head ;-) Also, the sensation was greatly enhanced. Wow..

This got me to thinking. Do most men out there get ridiculous erections while stoned, or is it uncommon? Perhaps I could implement this into my girth routine, as I have a hard time maintaining an erection through porn alone. What do you think?


Hi, I’ve noticed the same thing with marijuana. And it also makes my girlfriend really horny. I love it ;)

I have been clamping while smoking pot, but it tends to distract me, so I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

Wow that’s a good one. You don’t need Viagra any more. I used to live in South East Asia where some people use Mary Jane in cooking.

When I am completely relaxed, I get the best erections. After a massage or waking up in the morning are a couple of examples. If you are like most of us, smoking pot makes you really relaxed and I have a feeling it’s that relationship that caused your petrified wood. On the other hand, I have a feeling ‘excessive’ pot smoking will have the opposite effect.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I agree that excessive smoking would probably have the opposite effect. However, I have also experienced enhanced erections and orgasms while masterbating stoned. I think the throbbing erection and enhanced orgasm has more to do with the activation of cannabinoid receptors by THC. These receptors must play a role in arousal and orgasm. hmmm..

Hi this is my first post. I had a Jamaican boyfriend and he told me that in Jamaica marijuana is considered an aphrodisiac. It works because it relaxes you so that more blood can flow to the penis.

Yea, it does seem to have that relaxing effect. It definitely is an aphrodisiac!


It also delays ejaculation to a degree and can increase the intesity of orgasms.

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"

By the way what are your stats L4L?

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"

On the other hand, I have a feeling ‘excessive’ pot smoking will have the opposite effect.

Not true I am an avid pothead who smokes daily with extremely hard erections and all that other hooplah you mentioned. I have only noticed increased sensations. Masturbating high is the best, sex as well.

I have had multiple orgasms while high without even touching myself. I was doing kegels and it just started to bring on full body orgasmic waves. I have only been able to do it twice or so, but it is definitely something I wish I could do all the time. Man it was so amazing!

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You think pot is awesome, try taking ecstasy and have a 52 year old transvestite lick your asshole in the club bathroom.

P.s. I am very high right now ( on pot) and I am listening to Wolf mother, and they rock. Then I am going to watch Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. That movie sucks in real life, but it is my favorite movie to watch high. Everyone should try it. Then I am going to watch Donny Darko (another high movie). And then I’m going to jack off to the new porno I bought. (I got lucky, because in oklahoma it’s illeagal to sell penetration porn, but it was a bonus dvd in a magazine.) and masturbate. Then I will probaly go to McdonLds and eat. Then I will masturbate again and go to bed. Holy shit, this took me like 10 minutes to write. That is awesome.

I miss this place.

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I used to smoke a lot of weed and loved it. I’ve also tried a lot of other drugs which I don’t do any more but have had some amazing orgasms on. The best overall feeling has so be sex on Ecstasy or better yet getting a blow job while on Ecstasy. Cocaine is also a good one, keeps you hard for hours and would make you fuck like a champion. Would take about 1 1/2 hours to cum on a cocaine high. But I never used to do these drugs all the time. The one I really love is weed. I used to smoke weed everyday since the age of about 16 but I first smoked it at the age of 13.

It was great, you’d have an amazing hard on and and great sensations, but I didn’t last as long on weed as I would with something like coca.

But I’ve given up everything. Since I found thunders place and the threads on PE not working if you smoke, I evaluated what was more important to me and stopped smoking. That means the weed and the cigarettes. And this means stone cold. No help no patches and no gum. Just realised that I wanted a bigger dick more then being high. I did slip once though and lost the good flaccid, stopped my routines for the space of a week, so I had to start all over again.

Although I do think that in the future sometime I probably will start smoking weed again, I’m holding off for now, because all I want to do is grow my dick. I’ll be perfectly fine with smoking weed and doing some coke when I have a 9 inch dong. But until then I’m staying away.

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Originally Posted by Franga
By the way what are your stats L4L?

Well I haven’t measured in awhile, but I’m around 8”bpel and between 6.25-6.5” mid shaft girth (very hard to measure because I am so desensitized from porn, that only being with a chick gets me rock hard). The plan is to continue working on girth for a year or until I hit 7” mid shaft. Then, I will start the dreaded daily btc hanging routine and hopefully incorporate some of Monty’s stealth weights.


if you go to wikipedia, it says that a side effect is you get a boner.

Most people will get better erections while high

Sex high just feels amazing overall.

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