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Do any of you smoke marijuana? (pe related)


Do any of you smoke marijuana? (pe related)

Before you think Im just making some ignorant post out of nowhere, this is somewhat PE related. Im not trying to get anyone arested for drugs, but I occasionaly smoke marijuana and when Im high, I seem be able to get the hardest erections I can get. They’re harder and for longer. Im just wondering if anyone else can relate to what Im talking about?

marijuana has the effect of distorting sense of time, so when you say longer erection times, maybe its more to do with that. I don’t know about the larger erection thing, I guess that depends on how it makes you feel, some people get pretty happy others get extremely paranoid and down, so is perception of size related to that?

it may just be distorting time, but I dont think thats the case. And what I mean by larger is….know how big your penis gets just seconds before you cum? Thats about how big mine gets from the time I can get an erectionn, til I ejeculate.

after about 50 people read this and only one person responded, I guess that means nobody else does. I guess thats good if you guys have families. Im still in my mid twenties with no wife or kids so I still have a few years of freedom.

West - judging by how long it took you to post again it must have some distortion on your perception of time :)

but seriously - I do smoke occassionally, but I always felt that it actually shrinks my dick when I do, at least the flaccid hang seems to shrink. I do know that you get more turned on when you are stoned, when you actually have sex or masturbate. so maybe there is something to what you say. I’ll check it out next time and let you know..

German Wisdom

OK, there is a German phrase which says “Hast Du Haschisch in der Blutbahn kannst Du ficken wie ein Truthahn” (means “Having cannabis running in your veins makes you fuck like a turkey”). For me, there is a lot of truth in it, backed by what my mates have told me. Regarding those of you rather saying, smoking cannabis makes their units shrink, I’d suspect it’s the nervosity in connection with doing something new. Certainly cannabis makes one a lot more sensible in any way. If you’re not used to it and/or feel uncomfortable in a unfamiliar atmosphere it will result in anxiety, which of course will result in a shrinked dick. If you are used to it and you are sharing the relaxation and raised sensivity with your partner, you will experience great pleasure when engaging into secual activity. A lot of what is written about yohimbe regarding its psychological unblocking effect it true for cannabis, too.

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L born -

I’ve been smoking cannabis and marijuana on and off for more than 15 years now, but still I get shrinkage of flaccid hang. actually I get shrinkage also when I smoke a cigarette (which I’ve stopped smoking). anyhow - the bottom line is that everyone’s different and you go through phases in the way you react to things. your body gets used to the drug and the way it feels changes with time.

I really don’t believe marijuana could be beneficial for PE gains in any way, but it can be fun and can spice up your sex life, like other drugs can.

I’ve read that marijuana is a vasodilator, which could make it very beneficial in PE.

Furthermore, after getting a good marijuana buzz going my dick often seems to stay constantly hard.

Anyone tried jacking off after smoking? It doesnt work! You cant come!


Originally posted by West
it may just be distorting time, but I dont think thats the case. And what I mean by larger is….know how big your penis gets just seconds before you cum? Thats about how big mine gets from the time I can get an erection, til I ejaculate.

after about 50 people read this and only one person responded, I guess that means nobody else does. I guess thats good if you guys have families. Im still in my mid twenties with no wife or kids so I still have a few years of freedom.

Those 50 people that looked and did not respond are 50 people who have smoked pot at one time or another.

I smoke a few times a year and I love to Fuck when I’m high. I have noticed that my penis does get bigger and is easier to stretch. But I also think if you smoke it daily it could have the opposite affect.

What are you gonna do? Sic your dogs on me? Or your bees? Or dogs with bees in their mouth so when they bark they shoot bees at me? I think Mr. Smithers picked me for my motivational skills. Everyone always says they have to work twice as hard when Im around! Its not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to squeeze in 8 hours of TV a day. Getting out of jury duty is easy. The trick is to say youre prejudiced against all races. - Homer Simpson.

I am testing the theory right now…………..



Originally posted by SS4Jelq
Anyone tried jacking off after smoking? It doesnt work! You cant come!


Ummm, nope, that’s most definitely not the case here.

Okay, I’ll admit that my most intense PE sessions are when I’m high on Friday and Saturday nights between around 11 and 2. I take just one or two hits of good weed and jelq, squeeze and stretch as I download free porn off of newsgroups. Pot makes my dick very sensitive. Unless I have several hours to get it up again a few times, I don’t like to have sex with a woman while high because I’m basically on the verge of cumming the whole time. But for PE it provides just the right amount of arousal I need to jelq and sqeeze for maximum effect. (I need to look away from the porn for a while to do serious stretching.) After a few hours I have a very well-exercised dick. I also practice “edging” and delaying orgasm, but eventually reward myself with a porn video and a very intense climax.

While it might be a matter of perception, I think I do get harder erections with pot. I reverse kegel and direct energy into my cock to see how hard I can make it. I sometimes do weighted kegels while high because I can maintain the right degree of stiffness to get in a few good sets.

Having said all that I can’t endorse pot as a tool for PE. It does not have the same effect for everyone, and can be really debilitating for some people. I’m at a place in my life where I can take a toke or two late at night on weekends and not suffer apparent negative repercussions, but that wasn’t always the case. When I was younger and depressed most of the time weed made me even more morose and anti-social, yet I would wake up everyday intending to get high as soon as possible. It set me back years, academically and professionally.

Some use it “recreationally” or as a social lubricant, and I have friends who somehow get more verbally articulate after a few hits, but it renders me shy and barely coherent, so I only smoke it alone. When I have something troubling on my mind I don’t smoke because I know pot will make me feel shittier. If you’re already depressed, have some other acute mental disorder or are prone to addiction I’d recommend staying far away from it. Of course, in the US, there’s also potentially severe legal consequences for getting caught with pot.

(By the way, do others know about downloading porn off of newsgroups?)


That’s a briliant post.

Now, what ‘s up with newsgroups?


Regarding Newsgroups

I’ve been downloading pictures and short movies off of newgroups since 1995. No one showed me what they were or how to use them. Now they’re an integral part of my PE routine. I do my jelqing and squeezing as I click through nekkid pictures of hot women.

Newsgroups are basically internet message boards. A more technical person might be able to explain how they are similar or differ from the rest of the internet, but they are simply places where people with similar interest post messages to one another. There are over 100,000 different newsgroups addressing topics on everything from quantum physics to neighborhood yard sales. They have names like rec.birds.pets or or alt.barnie.dinosaur.die.die.die

But for those with prurient interests like me, there’s hundreds of newsgroups where people post pictures, and movies, and stories for almost any sexual interest. I subscribe to over 190 of the nasty little things, and many of them get hundreds of new pictures posted everyday that you can download for free. I subscribe to newsgroups with blondes, Blacks, Asians, celebrities, amateurs, shaved pussy, hairy pussy, big tits, small tits, nice butts… There are pics of women available to fit any mood I’m in, whether I want to fantasize about Charlize Theron or that cute pigtailed raver chick that served me breakfast this morning.

For example, I just went to and downloaded 1,200 new messages that have been posted since last night. Granted, a lot of that is spam, but there are at least several hundred free pics to download, much of which is some fine ass Asian poontang. Many are posted as a series, and have indexes with thumbnails so you can download only those pictures you want. There are illegal postings on newsgroups, and you just have to be ultra careful you don’t download an image of some little Lolita or Larry that will get your picture in the paper.

Anyway, rather than read any more of my drivel you should probably just go look at some newsgroups to understand what they are. To read messages and download pictures you’re going to need at least the following:

The name of the Internet service provider’s news server: You can probably find it on your ISPs website. For example, my ISP is, and the news server is

A newsreader: to get started with newsgroups you can just use the version of Outlook Express that comes with Internet Explorer. For years I used Forte Free Agent, but I recent bought Forte Agent for $30. Here are a bunch:

A picture viewer: if you use Outlook Express pictures will just appear in your web browser, but when you get more demanding you’ll want a good viewer like ACDSee. Here are a few of those:

A simple way to get acquainted with newsgroups is to just use the version of Outlook Express that comes loaded with Microsoft Internet Explorer. At the top of the page, go to “tools” then “mail and news” then ”read news” and then go to “set up a newsgroups account” towards the bottom of the screen. A wizard will pop up that will take you through the process. Once you’ve done that, go to “subscribe to newsgroups” and let it take you through the process of getting all the newgroup names from your ISP. The number will vary. gives me access to 36,000 newsgroups.

Your ISP may not have a news server. In that event you can subscribe to services like the ones below, although I believe there are free news servers available.

Or you can just use the web to access newsgroups. Here’s more information:…ewsgroup+Access

Still more reading:

(Friendly neighborhood Mod: maybe this post should become a new thread, as it’s way off topic for this thread.)

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Thanks for this information. .

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