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Effects of Marijuana on PE

Effects of Marijuana on PE

Hey guys. I frequently use marijuana (5-6 times a week) using mainly safe methods like vaporizers, but I was wondering, does it have any negative consequences on PE? I mean, theoretically speaking, it enlarges many of the blood vessels in your body (hence it’s pain relieving capabilities) so could it actually help PE? I’m just speculating and obviously before you try any drugs, read about them.


P.S- I’m sure many of you don’t approve of drug use, but let me just say that I am fairly experienced with them and I am a chem major, therefore I pretty much know all of the “mental” aspects of them. Once again, thank you for the consideration.

I looked that up, and in all probability it may have a slight (stress on the slight) effect compared to the much greater effects of jelqing. I did a little research out of pure curiosity and I think this article may help you out.. Http://…l/050404-7.html You should keep in mind that this is still research and not entirely accepted by the scientific community. To counter that last link check this one out.. Http:// which basically states that pot constricts blood vessels. In all probability, the affect is minimal at best, and by effect I mean either positive or negative because the tests are unclear. I think a better question to ask would be, “How many people do you know that smoke pot and simply got better erections or a longer dick out of it?” If that were true, I think there would be a permanent haze of pot around the world. Enjoy.

Wow. Thank you very much for the answers.

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