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PC exercise that helps with volume?

PC exercise that helps with volume?

I got this from a downloaded PE manual on Kazaa.

EDIT: PE paysite material removed. ThunderSS

The very exercise that made Peter North so popular in the porn business?
Hmm, why don’t we experiment on this excersizes and see if the intensity and volume of our load flys sky high.

It really only makes sense…and most of us spend that much time driving or in traffic anyway.


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Hmmm…one of the “secret porn star” PE techs…?

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

Thunder, I believe it’s one of the paysite’s manuals that leaked into Kazaa. I don’t exactly know what site but the manual is very detailed and covers alot of topics.

It reads an AWFUl lot like something from massive member, the paysite I originally joined.

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Not sure. Alot of parts were edited by me. Most of the things I already knew and deleted so I probably deleted the copyright or whatever when I deleted the things I didn’t need. If you search Kazaa you might probably find alot of these manuals floating around.

Hey Loner,

Do you have the time and the energy to rewrite this thing in your own words?? If so, please do and post it. I don’t like to “borrow” other PE site’s material and make it public. No use in making enemies this way.

Then I’ll delete the above “copy”.

Thanks !!

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Sorry, I’m still fairly new to the forum so I wasn’t aware of such things like that. I’ll post the exercise in my own words in a few hours. I have to go out right now and I’ll put it up when I’m back.

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