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Exercise to share

Exercise to share

First off before I go any further I would just like to state that if I have repeated anything or come close to repeating anything any member as posted before, my apologies.

I took a break from Peing for a while and I intend to start again so I reviewed my technique. In doing that I remembered a very effective exercise I use to perform until my girlfriend told me she couldn’t take the pain from anymore girth.

This exercise however can also give you length as well as head size gains but mostly girth.

However it must not be overdone.

What is needed: 2 wraps preferably thick as a sock, you can cut an old sock for use. 2 nooses, shoelace is good enough, however not too thin, that will put less pressure on the nerves of the P.


1. For best results perform it after stretching. However don’t stretch for too long, you need he energy for the exercise. Stretch for about 5 to 10 minutes. Also when stretching don’t concentrate on the section of the ligs nearest th the pubic bone alone, hang as low to the head as possible, you want to stretch the entire shaft.

2. After stretching, you are then going to get a partial erection, about 80%. Next you are going to wrap the base of your P with a wrap. However the wrap should not be too thick. The wrap can be the thickness of a sock.

3. Next, while still semi erect and with wrap on, apply a noose to the base of the penis as close to the pubic bone as possible. Note the wrap should not be very tight. Just tight enough to maintain the blood currently in your P. If after you tie the wrap it is not close enough to the pubic bone, hold the shaft and pull both end of the wrap backward, the ends that are underneath the shaft, you will only get the top end thus far. Pull the bottom end of the noose as close to the testicles as possible.

4. Next you are going to stroke your penis to get an erection and as much blood in it as possible.

5. Next you will apply another noose exactly above the first with no space in between. There should be enough space on the wrap. This noose you will wrap continuously till it ends (however not completely) when starting and ending to wrap leave enough length to tie. Then when almost done you tie. This noose should be as tight as you can stand.

6. Next you will place the end of the other wrap just above mid shaft then apply the other noose in an upward direction, forcing blood to the head and this noose you will also tie. By this time you should be feeling the tension building up in the P. This wrap should be also as tight as you can stand. At that point if done correctly the areas between and above the wrap should look gigantic.

7. The next thing to do is just to relax, but however still maintain your erection for atleast another ten 8 to 10 minutes at which time you will release or repeat. Note if you are going to repeat take off all except the first noose and re-massage and repeat the other steps.

By the way, this exercise will leave your P looking bigger for hours sometimes even for an entire day if done intensly, as a result of the enormous amount of blood trapped between the wraps.

Note: The wrapping mechanism not only expands the area above the wrap horizontally but also vertically. This explains the length gains. However it will just be moderate, this exercise is predominantly for girth. In regards to head size you will notice the head swelling as you are applying the second wrap, that in turn will contribute to the head gains.

Try the exercise and give me your feedback, I need to know if my methods work for others, that will motivate me to post.


Exercise? Sounds more like a hanging.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Obviously, not for newbies.

Just sharing my experience, that’s all

Would be interested in knowing the lengths of the material(sock , shoelace) you use for your wraps and nooses.


"Eat Beaver - Save Trees - Simple right?"

Reply to mr_rw

You have to use you judgement because the length of them depends on your P width. For the wrap your want to go around once. Any lace will do, just not too thin.

The general name for this exercise is an extreme uli. It’s a lot safer and more effective to use a hoseclamp (in combination with a leatherstrap because of the sharp edges) or a cableclamp.

It sounds to me like you are using 3 nooses but you said you will need 2. You say to use a noose right above the first one (therefore already using the two nooses) but then you end up needing a third noose for the second wrap. Do you use 3 nooses or are you untying one noose before using it on the second wrap?

If possible, could you post a picture of what it´s

supposed to look like?

My apologies man it’s three nooses and yes I’ll post a pic as soon as I can.

That sounds like a mega-extreme variation on the Uli. The sort of thing that I’d leave for after I get “stale” on regular Uli’s.

Thanks for sharing it, though. Someday, when I’m more advanced, I’ll give it a try.

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