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Everyone please read... Might be a winner for PC flex exercise

Everyone please read... Might be a winner for PC flex exercise

Hi everyone…

Any bodybuilders in the house? Please chime in if you have had any experience with EMS…

I was just watching TV today and they had this commercial for the exercising of muscles with EMS. EMS is electrical muscle stimulation and it is great for toning and strengthening muscle, so I got to thinking why not try it on the PC muscle. I found a site that has them reasonable priced and I’m going to order it and give it a try. I will keep you all posted on the out come of this experiment! Oh here is the site you can grab it at about $90 bucks…

Anyone have any thoughts or comments?


I’ve given it some thought before but was stumped at how to isolate the PC muscle! If you can figure it out, you’ll be awarded a PE Peace Prize.

Be careful.. those machines can burn

on the EMS systems, they won’t burn if you use the gel properly. I work in Physical Therapy and have had experience with these things. The units MUST be in good contact with the skin and use of the gel or conductive material must be used correctly.

Isolating the PC will be very difficult but could be done I suppose. As it is the muscle we isolate for urninary problems. Uncomfortable!!!! What you really need to use for this is what is known as a TENS unit. Normally you have to get one from a physical therapist because you have chronic pain somewhere. The ones offered on the TV set are more for the abdominals and gluteals (I know I have one)

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I’m a bit confused now… This site here has a description of TENS/EMS units and they say that TENS are for blocking nerve function to stop pain! This, I believe is not what I’m looking for. On the other hand the EMS is for muscle contractions which helps to strengthen the muscle group you have the EMS electrodes hooked to. Here is the site……-Stimulator.htm

And here is the link to the EMS unit I’m thinking about going with.

The smallest EMS pad is 50mm “1.96 inches” and will fit just right between the anus and the scrotum where the PC is located. You can put your fingers there and flex the PC and see that it will not be to hard to isolate. Now if it will work or not is a different story!


stim by any other name is still stim. Yes TENS is to block pain, but it still uses the electrical impulses to work.

I was referring to the size of the unit as it is small and can be hidden under clothing. I knew a guy that was using one for low back pain and one of the pads came loose and reattached to a testicle, he upped the intensity, and got a BIG surprise. Needless to say, the intensity was turned down immediately if not sooner. So it will cause a contraction.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

LIke I said on the other board, it would be a waste of money. I am just about positive it would not work for you. As an example, the ab machings do nothing. You have to crank the amps so high it would be totally painful and leave it on all day and you STILL would not be sore. I have several friends that tried it. This is for therapy to muscles that have been injured or compromized not healthy people. No substitute for actual exercize. Just do kegels.


Those things are on late night TV all the time. They will NOT replace real exercise. They are great for controlling muscle spasms, pain from the affore mentioned, and are usefull for maintaining some muscle tone in coma patients and paraplegics.

Ad far as getting wash board ads? Ya gotta burn off the fat, end of story.

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