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Padlocks vs. peweights

Padlocks vs. peweights

I thought it might be a good idea to save som money. (Or TRY to save them.) Anyone happy with hanging padlocks on their member instead of peweights? It ads some weight, but its not very comfortable. How comfortable are the peweights?

Never ever a turtle again...

An addition of dumb crook news had a drunk man call the police for help. He had passed out 2 weeks earlier and a friend had placed a padlock around his testicles. He broke the key off in the lock. He had put up with it on for the whole time and finally made the call. He was taken to the hospital where a locksmith was called to pick the lock. No charges were filed and he was released.

Moral of the story. Padlocks may not be a wise choice for a hanging device.

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As I understand it this is known as a “biker hang”, named after biker gangs that supposedly use this as their own PE method.

I stumbled upon this years ago and would occasionally throw on a single combination lock* suspended from the frenulum. With a little talc in the summer to prevent sticking, I found it to be a superior ADS- except for the fact that the manner of application inevitably causes an upturn to your glans. In fact I have noted more than one male porn stud with a suspicious lilt to his peckerhead- I can’t be bothered recalling names of porn guys.

I had kind of resolved it by aligning the lock with the shaft and loosely ACE bandaging it, but the distribution of the lock’s weight became so dispersed as to feel irrelevant; for me the whole point of the biker hang was to apply a light tension to the length of the shaft. I see it as more of an ADS defense from turtling than a “hang”. It is easy to apply, easy to remove- half the time I can pinch enough blood out of the glans to simply slide it off; if not I know the combo by heart and can quickly reapply after a quick splash.

And I think Monty’s PE weights are overall far superior as an ADS; the biker hang is useful as an ad hoc, jerry rigged ‘stealth’ ADS- should it slide off, no biggie.

*Thereby avoiding the whole key problem, which I had the paranoia to foresee.

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