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New surgical idea--Add a rib

Hell no. No way I would let someone carve me up like that even if I was small. One small mistake and your permanently flaccid. Unless you want to get another surgery after that for a penile implant.


I’m with you on that bender4fun, even with those numbers for before and after results, that procedure is not even an option. I guess if mine got mangled in some type of farm equipment, as a rebuilding process maybe it would be a consideration to the alternative of going through life as a mangled mess, but perfectly healthy flesh, no way !

I’m not looking either. I’ll pass on that procedure.

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BUT- 4cm? Isn’t that just shy of 2”?


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I looks like the glans gets kind of mangled in the process. Since they have to stretch the “neuro-vascular bundle” and the CS, the glans gets kind of pulled from the top and bottom. I noticed that it still looks very flat even at the 2-year follow up. Maybe the surgeons can solve this by better shaping the end of the cartilege piece.

4 cm is about 1.6”.

I think anybody considering this type of procedure should first exhaust their natural PE options, because I’m not sure how well that cartilage tip will stay stuck during some of our extreme PE ventures.

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Those pictures weren’t so bad.

Haven’t you ever seen “Faces of Death” where they cut the guys ligs and actually rip his penis out of his body? :faint:

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Well thanks for planting that image in my mind…

regards, mgus

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I think it just looks worse than it is, since the penis is erect during the surgery. Still I wouldn’t want that done to me. I have a little bit of nerve damage in my face and given how that feels I certainly wouldn’t want to risk the same to my willy. Interesting though that they used stretching and pumping to fix post-surgery deformities.

ModestoMan - Where are the 2-year pictures? I couldn’t find them.

Originally Posted by hobbes14

ModestoMan - Where are the 2-year pictures? I couldn’t find them.

I’m going by the shape of the glans in the MRI (second file).

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Ah, okay I see where that is. It does look a little odd, though I’d rather make that call from an actual photo rather than an MRI. Odd though because I thought the urethra and nerve bundle would grow to remove any stretch applied to them. All in all this surgery is pretty interesting; it seems as though the only remaining scar looks about the same as a circumcision scar.

This thought just occurred to me, but maybe newbie gains stop, not because of the ligaments reaching their stretch limit, but rather due to the nerve bundle and urethra reaching theirs.

Originally Posted by hobbes14

This thought just occurred to me, but maybe newbie gains stop, not because of the ligaments reaching their stretch limit, but rather due to the nerve bundle and urethra reaching theirs.

PeNine (I think) once commented that his CCs came farther up toward the tip of his glans after PE than before. In other words, his glans didn’t extend forward in proportion to the rest of his unit. He gained about 2”, as I recall. So, I think it’s completely reasonable that the CCs may grow at a different rate from the CS and neuro-vascular bundle (NVB).

However, I don’t recall ever seeing a glans that looks like the one in the paper on a guy who has done a lot of PE. Possibly, the flattened glans could be cured by PE. The paper actually suggests hanging or pumping to lengthen the CS and NVB.

Conventional wisdom (which we should feel free to question) suggest that the CS and NVB are more elastic than the CCs. The article supports this. Because the CS and NVB are so elastic, I think most guys would disagree with the notion that they limit growth.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

“BUT- 4cm? Isn’t that just shy of 2”?”
“4 cm is about 1.6”.”

Not intending to be demeaning or condescending, but I consider “just shy” of a measurement to be 1/8 of an inch or less (1/8 being the generous shortcoming of “being shy”). Just to give a perspective, a “AAA” battery is 1.75” or 1 3/4” long from base (- end) to the tip of the positive end of the battery. The rib for that particular surgery probably wasn’t anything worth going through that much reconstructive surgery over. Unless that operation was medically necessary, the surgeon performing it really needs to be reviewed by the AMA in my opinion. In the initial pdf’s posted, one of the 19 was 2.6 cm, roughly 1 inch. I can see trying to save a severed finger or pinkey for that level of surgery, but a healthy piece of flesh in terms of a penis, well, glad I wasn’t a principal involved in the whole sordid mess.

But, all those who “don’t want to look at the pictures” will: squeeze, pull, stretch, bend, hang heavy weights, etc. I found it interesting, and unlike many of the anatomical sketches, the different “parts” we are interested in could be seen, in real living tissue, like our own.

It also reminds me of the quotation “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”
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Damn, I was just eating my breakfast…

I would not do that operation for one million dollars.

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The % increases in the post-op flaccid are impressive.

The gains in erect length, don’t merit the risk of the surgery, in my opinion.

If it gave an inch in length and girth, and I had the money, shit, I’d do it. I have little (pun indended) to lose.


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