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New surgical idea--Add a rib


Here’s a new surgical method for the very eager beavers:…0x.2000.00970.x

Originally Posted by blackwell-synergy

Penile lengtheningS.V. Perovic1 and M.L.J. Djordjevic1

Objective To describe a technique for penile lengthening and the results achieved.

Patients and methods The penis is completely disassembled into its anatomical parts; the glans cap remains attached dorsally to the neurovascular bundle and ventrally to the urethra and corporal bodies. A space is created between glans cap and the tip of corpora cavernosa; this space is used to insert autologous cartilage previously harvested from the rib, the space being measured beforehand when the corpora cavernosa are erect. The anatomical entities and inserted cartilage are joined together to form a longer penis. The increased length of the penis depends directly on the elasticity of the urethra and especially of the neurovascular bundle. From June 1995 to March 1999 the technique was applied in 19 patients aged 18–52 years, who were followed for a mean (range) of 3.3 (1–4.5) years.

Results The increase in penile length was moderate, at 2–4 cm; there were no injuries of the neurovascular bundle or urethra, and no erectile dysfunction. Fifteen patients reported painless sexual intercourse, the remaining four patients providing no data. During the follow-up the cartilage insert remained at about the same size as that at initial implantation.

Conclusion The penile disassembly technique combined with the interposition of rib cartilage in the space between the glans cap and tips of the corpora cavernosa provides a genuine increase in penile length, with satisfactory results.

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I just downloaded the article, which was free, and attached it below. Be warned. This is extremely graphic.

File was too big, so I uploaded it as two separate files.

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I’m not even going to look I rather keep my penis assembled:)

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I can’t believe anyone is willing to put his dick through that to gain a couple centimeters of length. Granted, these guys had only 2-4” erections, but man…

They were very small to start. There has to be a better way?

No fricken way I’m lookin’.

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Anybody thinking about that surgery and then would look at those pics would have to be crazy to go thru with it. I’d marry a midget before I’d do that no matter how small my dick was.

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Originally Posted by all4show

They were very small to start. There has to be a better way?

I hope your kidding the smallest guy was 6.2 and the longest was 10…how do you get that they were very small.

I checked it again, the listing was in cm. Correct?

Oops lol my bad i was gonna say if that was inches why in the hell would they want to do that anyways lol.

I did look at the pics and they were pretty gruesome.

And there would be a tell tale stitches scar that went all the way around the circumference, just under the glans. Sheesh..

Ya i would never let anyone take a knife to my pecker!


Thanks for the warning. Is this front page Ogrish stuff?

Ain’t looking. Won’t even describe the medical pics I last saw, but they’re in no hurry to fade. And I barely squinted, one eyed.

Oh my god… I never thought I would see a penis like that.


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