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New surgical idea--Add a rib


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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
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I think I missed this the first time I read the article, but let me now emphasize that this is a clear statement in a published urology journal saying that lig snipping produces no erect gains. This is also a confirmation that lig stretching, by itself, produces no erect gains. There is no such thing as “lig gains.”

I’ve been posting this on and off for years, but no one listens. I don’t mean people in the natural PE community, but those who are interested in the surgical route. A simple search of people that have had the surgery (including me) on this or any other PE site, will show they don’t gain any quicker than those who haven’t. I think there are a few anatomically rare people (about 10%) who have abnormally short ligs that genuinely hold the penis back, who gain straight after surgery, but most will only gain from post op hanging and stretching and at the same rate as those without the surgery, which suggests these gains are from stretching the tunica.

When I posted my thoughts on this subject at MyNewSize, the site owner BTC (formerly Crashex) replied:

“I don’t think you understand the concept of “lig cutting.” Don’t think of it as stretching something out, but rather creating a space above the penis base that was not there before. You are right, stretching ligs probably won’t do much for anyone, removal of the physical obstruction will. I implemented weights (HARD!!!) with minimal results for 2 years before I decided to go through with the length surgery. Since the surgery I have gained something every month that I trained.”

This idea of physical obstruction is nonsense according to my urologist. The idea is that by releasing the ligs the inner penis can be pulled out, but if that was really the case, it would be easy to pull out at the time of surgery, not over the many months of hanging and stretching, which coincidentally is applying strain to the tunica! I couldn’t be bothered to post this in reply to BTC as seeing as he makes money from promoting the surgery he was never going to concede that there has never been any research done to prove that lig cutting surgery has any effect on increasing the erect length and they are in fact selling a surgery that does little more than provide patients with a real incentive to hang and stretch post op.


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