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New Routine...

New Routine...

I had to stop PE for about 9 mo’s and in that period I lost about 1/2 inch. Bummer.

But…, since I have the time again to start over I thought I’d better come up with a new and improved workout, which would cut time in half in order to get the old measurements back:

The first to weeks my workout consisted of only stretching. And every workout was done under flowing hot water to keep the penis (and the insides) at a relaxed level, meaning flaccid.

I dedicated 10 mins each morning to just two specific sets of stretching:

- Lock the head of your dick into an “O” k grib right behind the glans, pull straight out, or slightly tilted towards the floor, on a count to 20, do four Kegels at 5 secs each while holding the stretch.

- After that, pull your dick towards your navel, holding it for 20 secs, increase the stretch and do 4 reverse kegels at 5 secs each.

When done, grab your dick and “shake” it out, going over to jelquing.

Lubricate your member, do some kegels and do a good session of 10 - 15 mins, 2 - 3 secs each stroke, of jelquing, always making sure that you have the proper semi-erection thing going.

When doing exercises in the shower I found that “Dove” soap provides the best lubrication. Won’t irritate the skin, nor will it make you feel sore.

Once you’re done with all this, and you have a couple of minutes of spare time, do this:

- Grab your dick at the base, left hand at the base, right hand behind the glans. Now stretch….pull the left hand up, the right one down….it’s somewhat a variation of the DLD “A” stretch….be careful….though…

….it might add unexpected gains for that day to your dick. If you feel a burning sensation while doing the stretch, discontinue.

I also take ArginMax as a supplement, it’s one of the best and a regular on the market.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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a question

You mention using the reverse kegel in this new regime. As I understand it, this is similar to the push when you need to urinate. Is that right? If so, one would need to be sure one’s bladder was empty before a work-out. Is that also right?

Thanks Uncut4Big,


dam, i dont know what kind of advice i could give someone like you, but im just wondering why theres no squeezes or uli’s in your routine?

what about pumping?

Jelq 'N' Pump


you’re right. The reverse kegel is somewhat like “pushing out” when urinating. But when you do that, just concentrate on the muscels involved.

And, yes, it helps to take a leak before each workout!


I used a combo of Jelquing and Pumping when I first started out and also in between. The workout was pretty simple then; 25 sets (10 reps per set, 3 secs each ) of intense Jelqs and then, without a rest, switching over to pumping for about 10 mins. I always pumped at the end of each workout to maximize the damage in the cell tissue by forcing more blood in it. A last push, so to speak. Finish with a hot shower and some light massaging, Bro. Make sure you do the workout in the evening so that your dick has time to recuperate overnight.

Uli’s, Squeezes and such, should be incorporated into any routine without mentioning anyways.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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