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New PE data page -- need your input


That’s really something ” nice job” are web pages what you do for a living if not they should be. I like the fact you just have to fill in the blanks and the format will be the same for everybody.


Measuring Girth

I measure with a thin paper tape measure as given out free in IKEA — the Swedish chain of homewares department stores. It has metric on one side and Imperial on the other. (Do you Americans call it Imperial— or is that too “pre 1776” a term for you??

On the subject of girth measurments for the database—

How about saying “preferred method — measure midshaft” and maybe a drop down menu to let report how they measured.

Suggested options on drop down—— Just under glans, Midshaft, Base, Average , Other.

Getting complex, I know…….(?)

Size —Regards as always.

Pumpin ROB

You might ask people what supplements they are taking.
How much, how often type thing……



Excellent idea about the supplements. I left that out.

Pumpin and Dino,

As always I appreciate your input. I’m going to try to find a happy medium on the girth thing. I want the survey to be as detailed as possible without being so complex that It’s hard to intrepret. I still have a way to go.


One more thing on measuring

Perhaps it would be a good idea to layout the parameters for penis measuring. What type of measuring devices to use for the length and the girth. Also where to place the ruler when measuring length. In otherwords, if you establish specific standards then the results will be able to be more accurately compared and you end up with a more realistic statistical survey. Good luck and best wishes with this endeavor. Hope it will be everything you hoped for.

updated page

The latest version of the data page is located here.

Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

It’s still a demo version. You can enter stuff in the forms now and look at it in the chart, but anything you enter in it now will be deleted in a matter of time. So if you want to play around with it, don’t get too elaborate with your entries and expect them to be saved.

Also, I have a list of not-so-obvious bugs that I know need to be fixed. If any of you find any major bugs (other than spelling and site layout) please let me know!


ps I am taking into account everything you guys have suggested about measuring but I haven’t changed much in that area of the page yet.

I don't recall if this came up.

Once the final project is in place, it might go a long way in gathering data if you got in the habit of putting a link in your signature. Sorta like Thunder, Uncut, and others have. That way, when you post anywhere, curiosity will lead PE’ers to the data board and hopefully they will participate. groa

...question and suggestions...

First of all Congrats for your work, it’s really important !!! secondly i have a litlle question (maybe OT here…): in the form there’s a space about caffeine, is it really important ? and why ?

Secondly i think that questions about the wealth, the fitness …are very very important and must be considered for the gains ! the level of fitness increases the efficiency of cardiovascular system, for example i’ve noticed that after sports the blood pressure during my PE is greater and probably the exercises works better ! Finally I think that others questions should be important too, for example some diseases (heart-diseases & others…) could influence the blood system and so the p. dimensions.



Great Job

Great job of creating the size chart board. Thanks again for your work.


I don’t know how to explain it well, but caffeine has an effect on the way blood flows through your body. Blood flow will be reduced in your penis if you consume a lot of caffeine. If you reduce your caffeine intake for a week, and then go back to normal, you’ll notice shrinkage in your flaccid member.

hi size...

Thank you size,

maybe caffeine is a vessel-constrictor ! so i’ll better reduce consume to help PE
Thanks a lot !


Data Page KOOL!

Just thought I’d add my own comment about the data page..
I just checked it out and the only thing I noticed was something that has already been commented on here already: adding something regarding the use of supplements, vitamins etc.. (a lot of guys here are taking arginine, etc..


Good Stuff Sizemeister

Hey Size man, you’er data entry screen is looking good, and I love the auto volume calculator great surprise!!!

People just don’t realise how much extra meat there is in a 5.25 vs a 5.0 girth dick. Square of the radius — all that stuff.

(What’s your mom think??…Sorry that was really bad of me… “Below the belt” ?? )

:-) :-) - I hope??

Sorry haven’t produced the measurement photo tutorial— I could just post some pics with captions — but I still haven’t got girth measureing photos.


P Rob

size, suggestion..

Dont know if it’s already been asked, but having the option to enter metric or imperial values for everything would be great, would make it much easier for everyone entering data… (But maybe not so easy for you) :)
personally, I have no idea how much a fluid ounce is and Im guessing some others don’t have a clue either…


Thunder-- Any clues? --"Where are my Photo attachments?"

Hey—— (?) (?)

I tried attaching two photos but they don’t show up on my posting.

Can you do two at once?? (Photos that is).

Am I missing something??

(It seems that you can only do 1 per posting.— as I found out when I edited the previous post. “8 inches non BP” should have been on the previous one).

I couldn’t add an attachment at the time of editing this post.



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