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New PE data page -- need your input

New PE data page -- need your input

EDIT 1/3/01:
The demo page is now closed to the public. It’s being used for Uncut’s experiment currently, hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be finished with a public data page.

I’m working on a new PE statistics page. It won’t really be ready for at least a month and probably longer, but I have a (rough) demonstation version here:

People have expressed the desire in the past for something like this to chart our progress and compare to others, to see which methods statistically work better, etc. Please take a look and give me some suggestions on what I might want to include, what needs to be added and things like that. Thanks a bunch guys!


EDIT 11/26/01: The forms on the demo page are only there to give you an idea of the layout, so any data you enter in them doesn’t actually go anywhere.

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Looks great


great idea! It’s something that was long overdue.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Input please...

Hey guys,

Size has put a lot of work into this project so far. It will probably be easier for him to make suggested changes early in the development of the project rather than later. Please take the time to look over all of the pages and offer suggestions now. Thanks for your help and thanks for all of your hard work Size!!!

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Looks good!

I didn’t want to enter any data for I am unsure if that is what you wanted at this point. I can suggest on thing pertaining to measurements and that is flaccid size. How about a “range” type entry, such as 4.1-5.0? It seems as though flaccid size varies so much for so many people that picking a flaccid is quite difficult when it come to measuring. Not really important, but it maight save you some Q&A in the beginning when folks start to enter data. groa


I didn’t make it clear that the data forms on the demo page were really dead, so you could have entered whatever in them, but all that would have happened is that you would have gone to the next page when you click “Continue”. I just fixed the first page so that would be clearer.

Flaccid size: Yeah, you’re right about flaccid size. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about flaccid size since it varies and some people don’t keep up with it at all. I have it set up right now (on the real data page, which is currently in a secure and undisclosed location) where you’ll get an error if you don’t enter erect measurements, but it doesn’t care about flaccid measurements. I might look at adding ranges for flaccid measurements, maybe .25” or .5” intervals or something.

Thanks for the input so far guys!


Then again...

if messing with the way it already is to accomodate the “flaccid range” idea would screw up the lay out, I’d suggest leaving it as is. The comrehensive chart looks damn good as a full screen. It also occured to me that putting in a range might screw things up a bit if one wanted to use the data to plot a graph or some other type of visual. Perhaps it is better left as is, after all anyone with a dick kinda knows the situation with flaccids. Could just ask for max flaccid size or average, too. That way it’s just one simple number. Either way, that’s the best chart I’ve seen…it’s neat and easy to read and with the “click” for more info option, it’s going to be good for both vets and newbies (how much can I gain?) alike. groa

this is what im talking about!

this is the kind of thing i wanted to do a few months ago, i started a thread on the bp forum to write up a survey on but i only got like 2 replies…

sizemeister i will put in my ‘fo in a couple days maybe but atm i can’t be borthered looking for all my ‘before’ stats etc



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<much later>

age fields

I guess what I’m really looking for right now is suggestions on the kind of information you guys would see on the last page of the form (exercise info, health info, age, etc.) I left out age information. Do you think these ranges would be a good representation of age groups?

under 18
over 55

I think the age data could be quite important bearing in mind that as we age skin (and perhaps other tissue) loses it’s elasticity. It would be interesting to see the correlation between age and results. Similarly, the results between smokers and non smokers could be important given that smokers heal less quickly than non smokers. Perhaps other general information could be incorporated like height and weight and the subject’s state of fitness and overall health.

Well done Sizemeister! This is an excellent project which I feel will benefit the whole PE community.

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Sizemeister's Statistics database

Hi Size

Great stuff as usual— You’re always thinking of ways to improve what we do. Yes the age groups are good too. Not too many, and 5 years until I sneak over into the truly mature category.

Whilst I admire the simplicity of what you have done, and you probably have considered these aspects, I’m wondering why you haven’t included whether to measure “bone pressed” or not, and — as I recall from a recent post of yours, whether to measure at least two nights after any form of PE so that no-one is fooling themselves with inflated measurements. Also — whether the girth is at mid shaft, or the circumference of the glans etc.

I’m concerned that without these— and possibly other “caveats”——- if that is the right word —-that this new database will share the problems of some of the other self reporting surveys and have bulit-in inconsistencies.

I’m not sure how it could be done, but I think that it needs a little “how to measure” tutorial. I don’t mind doing some demo photographs of how to measure — indeed some of my existing stuff could be used “educationally”. This forum supports photos doesn’t it?? (Promise to leave my face out.)—-lol


Mr. Sizemeister's chart

I have tried 3 times to place my beginning stats and subsequent stats on your new work in progress board. They do not seem to take. I keep looking at the view results page and my results aren’t there. Am I doing something wrong? Please advise. Thank you.l

the forms don't work

The forms aren’t supposed to work yet, the entire page is just a model of what the real page is supposed to look like.

The form fields are just there because I wanted opinions on the layout of the page, but thought I also stated on the page that nothing entered in those forms would go anywhere.

I will have a functional page in a few weeks where everyone can enter their stats.

Thanks everyone for your input so far. Pumpin, I think the measurement “how to” thing is a great idea. The only issue I can think of is that a few of the vets who have been taking measurements for a long time and never took bp measurements. I don’t want to exclude them. But I can make a place where they can specify that and make a footnote of it.

This project likely will share some of the same “margin of error” problems as the self-reported size surveys you see on the internet, but will have some different, useful features. For example, when the final, final, final version is finished, you’ll be able to search and compare things such as smokers vs. non-smokers, average gains/time period, stats for hangers only, jelqers only, old farts vs. youngun’s, etc.


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