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New PE data page -- need your input

Old Fartos

I may be 62 but far from being an old fart! The age thing is definetly a state of mind. I waited all my life for the chance to get a big penis. I refuse to be classified as an old fart now.

I hope I have half the fire you have now when I’m 62!!! :D It’s never too late to start PE, others have tried it at your age and older with success.

(By the way, I won’t really put “old fart” on the statistics page)

By the way, welcome aboard!


TKS for the encouragement on the photo’s, for the measuring tutorial, Size and Thunder.

Size— IT”S YOUR CALL —but— but in the interests of “science” I believe it best to make this database —- as opposed to others at pay sites etc, —— as accurate as possible. If you set up BP and NON BP erect length data fields, anyone who was not measureing BP in the past could just leave those data fields blank, - or write “NM” and only add data to applicable fields.

If any of the PE vets who were not measuring BP have a problem with this, PLEASE SPEAK UP.

I also support the idea of in fact requireing a range of lengths for the “flaccid fellow”. We all tend to only quote the most favourable statistic.

(Thunder— I still haven’t worked out who you used to be in another life….on another Forum…more clues????)

I’ll have to borrow the work digital camera again —- for the “How to do girth measurements” shots.

—(and remember to erase everything when I’m finished…………or NOT???…).

(Unless my partner brings back a digital from Thailand where he now is on holiday for the next two weeks.)

It might take me a bit to get it together…. but I should probably use the current pics — I can show BP and non BP easily—-and add the girth measurement stuff to it to it later.

Sorry just thinkin’ out aloud.


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To end the mystery check this link:

EDIT Sizemeister: Thunder, you posted the wrong link, dude. :)

I agree with the NonBP and BP idea, some older PE guys use NonBP still. And if enough guys fill in both, we could get an average of the thickness of the pubic pad or gut, in my case.

Oooppps…. My bad. P8 try this one instead:


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Copy of Comment about Measuring BP and NON-BP

Thunder—- I would never have guessed. We’ve not really engaged with each other much in the “other place”—-I don’t think—- Thanks for making it clearer —- in this fog of pseudonyms—— who you might be….. or are…. or are over there…..

I just wanted to talk about measurement a bit more

Whilst we have already canvassed this issue —-I had a little brainstorm about it, and thought I’d include this here since this thread is about measuring and reporting.

I had not thought through why the BP measurement is important to “we PE’rs” —- in these terms—-until I was commenting on someone elses observation about BP measurements being “cheating” in NEWBIE’s thread about jelquing.

………………………………………….. …………………………………………..

It’s certainly true that “visually” the NON BP length is what someone else sees, and is the sensible measurement that you would have in your mind as to what size to claim for anyone’s dick.

No one is going to say —- Gees —- He’s got a 9.25 inch BP dick. You can only go for 81/2 or 8 etc.—- or 9 inches Non BP would be great…..Settle down there Rob!!!

The problem with NON BP lies with us guys who are measureing a lot for PE reasons —- to see if we are getting any gains.

There is a lot of error with reproducing the NON- BP meaurement.

Reasons is that —- for most people, ——excepting only for those with VERY little body fat——- , unless you tatto a line on your skin and always measure from that point, how do you know where the “zero” point for the ruler should be?? You could easily be out by 1/4 inch each time.

The Bone Pressed measurement at least gives you something solid to push the end of the rule — with any extra wood or plastic past the zero point suitably ground back to zero, of course.

Then you can think about the other issues such as if your dick is more or less engorged than the last time, if your dick bends down a little as I do, whether to straighten it up against the rule, whether there is any error in doing that, etc etc.

Measurement of the penis just aint exact, but measureing BP takes away one of the biggest sources of inaccuracy.

P8 (Rob)

Well said!

Especially about the “zero” point in NBP measurements. As much as I measure my dick, I still wonder about the consistent accuracy of the NBP. groa

Measuring my penis

I believe the most accurate way is fully bone pressed. I am relatively thin with very little body fat. I find that the ruler is placed on the side of my penis and pressed in to the bone gives my the most accurate measurement. The only way to really see gains is to give it month or so between measurements. This every day or every other day routine will not show as drastic a change. But if you wait for 30 days and then check you will see some better visual gains on the ruler. That is about all I have to offer on this one. I still have to try the dental floss measurement on the girth and see what that provides me with. I’ll get back to the board on that one when I get a chance to check.

I like my method better...

my way, with the maskin tape, I think is more accurate than the floss even, since the floss doesn’t ‘countour’ to the shape of the circumference… it can leave gaps and cut corners….

esp around the urethra bit where theres like a little ‘hill’ to measure over….

anyone know what Im tlaking about?!?

I'll try that.

I understand where you are coming from. The tape fits in all of the high and low spots. Then when you remove it you get a more complete measurement of the girth. Sounds good to me.


How do most people measure girth? I’ve always measured mid-shaft using a tape measure, but what is standard?

from what I gather, size, your way is the ‘standard’ way of doing it although in my opinion not the best.

Measuring the Girth

I measure where it is the thickest. Mine is approximately on the mid shaft. But recently I have also noticed that the very top where it meets the pubic bone is about the same thickness but I really haven’t measured that area. I have been using a piece of string but there was a suggestion on this page that masking tape is more accurate because you can get it to fill the void areas difficult to cover with a piece of string or measuring tape.

Tailor's tape

I use a tailor’s tape and don’t see where that would give a different measurement than masking tape would. They are both thin and flexible and if there was a small difference, it would not amount to much.

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You are probably correct

1/32 of an inch is not an issue so I would agree with you.

for the purposes of the Dara Page

When I first started out I read on the old PE Forum about measuring at midshaft, so that’s how I’ve always done it. I think the “best” way would be to take 3 measurements: One at the head, one at midshaft and one at the base and keep track of all of them.

However, for the purposes of the Data Page, I want to go with the method that the majority of posters use. Or perhaps that won’t even matter, as long as the method each person is consistant with the method they use. I think the majority of people are split between measuring mid-shaft and measuring at the widest point. I don’t want to invent new “standard” ways of measuring because I want to include date from those PE veterans who have been keeping measurments for years.


BTW, I should have a better prototype page for you guys to look at in a few days.



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