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New member registration is closing soon!


Did you put the auto-spellcheck on? ;)

At what amount of members will you permantly close the registration?

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Do you delete the “unused” accounts at all?


Why not just open it up first week of the month, each month, for however many sign on— that way the non-member occasional readers would know when to come back should they care?

And vetting new members would be a cyclical thing.

You could have a whole system in place—

Week 1 - registration— full forum reading privileges only
W 2-3 - newbies only post in newbie forum regardless of post count— mandatory spellcheck
W 3-4 - newbies only start threads in newbie forum regardless of post count— mandatory spellcheck on OPs
W 5 on—- depending on post count newbies are full TPers for posting/ threading purposes- spellcheck optional but strongly recommended.

Such a mechanical approach might alleviate some of the same old same old— although I do appreciate that it must be like herding cats.

Ever thought of having a specific newbie forum mod— not so much for PE inquiries, but rather as a Basic Training DI*?

Just spitballing.

* “LISTEN UP!! There's a right way, a wrong way and a Thunder's way— you WILL become proficient in Thunder's way and you WILL follow it for as long as your on the man's free PE site- DO you hear me maggots … ?



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Oh well- just a thought.

Should you choose to give it a go again and are looking for duty roster bodies, let me know.

Apart from the occasional odd stylistic/ font size choice I’d like to think my shit’s pretty squared away.

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