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Hey Thunder how long is it closing for just out of interest?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I hope you have a great summer Thunder. Do something crazy.


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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Crazy? Like what?

1) Auction off old, unused accounts on eBay.
2) Start a Penis Diminishment (PD) site for those who have been too successful here at Thunder’s.
3) Write your memoirs, in Pig Latin.
4) Finally decide your penis is big enough! (Hey, we said Crazy, right?)
5) Ride a bicycle across the frozen tundra of Greenland.


P.S. Sorry, I’m in a weird mood.

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5 Sounds great right now, compared to the 110 to 115 degree temps here in the desert.

4 I haven’t did any PE in a long time. Mostly because I am a lazy fuck and got bored.

3 I think in Pig Latin that should be easy.

2 I think it would be easier just to sell PD pills.

1 That’s an original though.

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100,000 !

Well It’s arrived at last the 100,000’th member.

So Congratulations Boss.!


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