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Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Crazy? Like what?

good question. For me it would be to do something like enlist in the military.

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Congratulations on reaching 100,000, El Jefe!



(personally, I thought that the place was pretty big when we had 10,000 members…)

Hurray! Hurray!

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This is all simple Spiral Brand Marketing: artificially limit supply to increase demand. More demand consumes more supply, thereby limiting supply even further. The rarity this causes increases demand, etc. etc.

With such high demand and NO supply, Thunder’s User Logins could fetch a nice price! I claim a 5% “origination” fee! :D

Oh, and congratulations on 100K. :woot2:

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New registration will open the 4th of july, try hitting 200,000,000, am I right?


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