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Negative Aspects of P.E!


Negative Aspects of P.E!

Hello everyone, I actually wanted this post in the main forum but because im still a newbie I cant, but anyway here’s my post:

EVERYONE whose doing p.e is it just me or since you started doing p.e. have you found yourself looking at other guys dicks more than youd look at a female. LOL I swear to God ive been doing p.e. for about 2weeks now, and just walking places Ill look at a guy and think to myself ‘hmmm I wonder how big hes dick is’…ohhh this is sounding quite gay aint it?! I know it does sound gay which for the record I am not, its just I cant help it. For instance if I see a well-built,tall guy (damn I really AM sounding gay arent I!) Ill think to myself ‘There’s no way he could have a small dick, he must be packing at least 8 inches’, but its true though, try and imagine The Rock (wrestler) with a small dick, you just cant! The other day I was in a public toilet using the urinal and there was a white guy next to me. You know whats coming next, I peered slyly (or so I thought) at his dick, which was LONG,at least 6inches, and he caught me looking, so he peered back at mine, and the expression on his face read something like ‘haha as you can see the myth is not true, my package is bigger than yours’. As well as the sexual benefits with a bigger dick I think its also a macho thing, with a bigger dick you feel ‘more of a man’, gives you that added confidence too. Also another thing someone said Janet Jackson picks here boyfriends on account of their size, so how the hell did she end up with JERMAINE DUPRI!That little midget, come on now, hes about 5’4 in height!….(doesnt that say it all?!)I love p.e. its constructive and we’re all working towards a target, its just these gay tendancies creeping up within me that Im becoming worried about. I just hope next week the title of my post aint ‘I just fucked some guy up the ass’…

p.s. I remember ages ago reading penis size is all genetic, well i know for a FACT thats all lies, as my dad is packing some serious length and girth on his dick, and so is my uncle (my MUMS brother) therefore genetically I should to. NOT the case however! My dad actually caught me in the shower for the first time in ages the other day, and as his eye casually glanced at my dick, it was like he was saying ‘damn son…tough break’….WHY ME!!

Who Knew An Extra 2" Could Mean Sooo Much...

Welcome to Thundersplace, Wannabe. Take a moment to read the forum guidelines my friend…….

You can't kill ideas with bullets!

Welcome to the forum.

Another UK nut I see? Oh dear. You don’t live near me do you? Frequent the same urinals. <— I’ll rephrase that, I don’t frequent urinals. If there’s one I go to more than another it’s because I work there.

Anyway I think you need to calm down a bit, or you’ll go crazy.

Just remember that there is an average size, and that body size has very little to do with penis size. Concentrate on making yours big enough and damn everyone else. Or be happy for them! Whichever.

And be careful, or you could end up like Langemann: Stretching with the anal…

No, I never went as far as you as peeking in the bathroom. Read statistics, saves you time on knowing average length then peeking over at urinal everytime you go!

I thought “turning yourself gay, or lesbian” is impossible and its some imbalance of hormones in your body? So can someone clarify this ??

Turning yourself gay or lesbian depends of the Neurolinguistic Programation on your childhood. It can come by a trauma or just schizophrenic confussion. Although people claim the XQ28 thing on the genes have anything to do with it.

Imbalance of hormones in your body only reveals physical aspect and not a sexual preference. Hermaphrodites usually mantain their real sex gender.



Don’t worry you can be straight and think about dicks to much, it’s the wonderful world of PE where we think about dick too much

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Penis size could still be genetic…maybe smaller guys get their mothers’ dicks :)

It could be you’re enjoying the opportunity to think freely about an otherwise taboo subject in society, but uptight about it at the same time. Or it could be you’re gay, uncomfortable with it, and looking for us to confirm your heterosexuality, which we can’t do. All we can really point out is, now that you’re engaged in a hobby involving dick size, it’s ok to think about dicks. As for whether or not you’re gay, we don’t really care.

Loosen up your mind, but tighten up your grammar! And welcome to Thunder’s. :D

Originally Posted by penflex
Penis size could still be genetic…maybe smaller guys get their mothers’ dicks :)

I got my mom’s hairy chest.

"...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to..."

- Maynard James Keenan

Does anyone have a brother whom you’ve compared sizes with? That could offer clues to the genetic question. But if PE works (and it does) then maybe it has more to do with the amount of fondling then genetics.


I personally haven’t got a brother, therefore I can’t even compared if I wanted to. To PIKHAL…my comments were serious but were also meant to be taken ‘tongue in cheek’. I am not gay, never had a homosexual experience or even a homosexual thought, I’m straighter than the ruler that measures my dick every night, I was just simply expressing my discovery of PE has led me to become more open with the subject of penises. To ICM…”another UK nut”…I’ll take that as a compliment…To FASTQWERTY (ingenious name!) who knows what causes our penis size, maybe God was just in a bad mood with me or something.Dino 9x7 YES this is the wonderful world of PE, and I’m loving it!

p.s. ONE of my girlfriends (LOL) had one of those Marie Claire female magazines, or Cosmopolitan or whatever it was, anyway it had an article in it regarding a guy who underwent penis surgery to make his buddy bigger. Apparently he was told the operation would not amend his erect state, just his flaccid size. They took off fat from his stomach I think it was, and put that on his dick. He was orginally 4” flaccid, and the operation increased his girth and his length (6” flaccid, so in other words the same as his erect state). But that isn’t where the story ends, this guys trains a lot at the gym, and he said that his intensive workouts led to him ‘burning off the fat’ from his penis, making it smaller! Oh I wish he had found Thunders, what an idiot! I’ll try and steal the magazine from her and scan the article and post it in the forum…actually I’ll have a browse for it online now….

Who Knew An Extra 2" Could Mean Sooo Much...

I walked in on my grandfather who is 73, and I estimate it to be 5X5 flaccid!

I wish I could have got those genetics!

I have lots of the same things on my mind, but still I feel rather not gay.

BTW: you can inherit dick genes from both of your parents

Looking to be a kiwi.

Originally Posted by Starter7777
I walked in on my grandfather who is 73, and I estimate it to be 5X5 flaccid!
I wish I could have got those genetics!

My father is 74 and he hangs at 5 x 6 (yeah, very rare), I wish I could have that too <.<

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